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We need the rest of the Superfriends

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Since we got Database and now Report Card, we need the other members of the Superfriends. It would be great if once we have all 5, they all have a joint task to sit at a table and be nerdy.



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  • OhHappyJays
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    Maybe we can also get Nerdy Bart as a character skin.

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  • Maybe we can also get Nerdy Bart as a character skin.

    You mean Cosmos? Technically that was his superfriend name....
  • Yasssss! That would be great!
  • johncolombo
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    sounds good to me! :)
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  • Deadshot_DCU
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    8hr Joint Task (separate from their regular 8hr tasks) Includes School Lunch Table for All 5 Superfriends, Lisa & Bart aka Cosmo

  • Excelsior!
  • Idea:

    For the last two years EA hasn't added actual "Superhero" events.

    The second one was the last big superhero update

    Since then we had, the Superhero returns which only introduced one new character and was mostly a return of old items for donuts.....

    The "Superpowers" minievent.
    That introduced some characters and skins, and had some gameplay.... But was pretty lame.

    Following the lack of summer Blockbuster Hero events (especially since Endgame was released), they should make this year's "Super" event a "SuperFriends" event.

    Group of characters with s codenames?

    Mostly well known by true fans and slightly nerdy?

    Will still fail miserably even though it's a straightforward idea?
    Super Check!

    Get on it EA!

    THIS YEAR, AFTER ALL SUPER TEAMS HAVE BEEN FORMED....... An old team will resurface.

    Pocket protectors will be dusted, inhalers restocked, computers rebooted, and the latest issue of Radioactive Man bought.....

    This year join the most exclusive pre-teen "super" group this side of Springfield (Superpowers not needed, but welcomed)!

    Rise of the SuperFriends!
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