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Roads and terrain types shift on their own over massive portion of my town. Anyone else experiencing

Look at how the right 3/4 of my town are affected. All roads and land types/terrain types have shifted down, maybe 1/2 a land square. All buildings and decorations remain where they were. Right now there are buildings, etc. on top of roads. That should not be possible. EA's solution is to take the game back to the last available "roll back date" This would mean losing all progress made after that date. This would be tolerable if the last available roll back date was recent. However, the date they gave me was April 26th. That's 2 1/2 months progress.

I will have to fix the mess myself. I will not consider losing all the progress, not only because we are talking about 2 1/2 months worth, but because this is actually the second time this has happened to me. The only explanation that EA would give is that it is the result of "a corrupt save of the land". Both times that this happened, I was buying land. The affected area each time extends from the land square purchased to the right, causing all roads/terrain to shift down. I have no solution to offer at this time, and am wondering how many others have dealt with this, and if anyone has any insight to offer. I also want to highlight the alarming fact that EA has no backup that is more recent than April.ug6pe8cdek1h.jpg


  • Sounds like bullcrap to me, considering others have had their games rolled back only a day or so plenty of times. If you're in an area that has the callback option, always use that to talk to a real agent (preferably U.S. based) and firmly ask for a recent rollback (I hope you were done the event early...?). Keep calling until someone does it. Those who believed what some of those yahoo agents told them with the rollback are permanently pooched. You have to be polite but very firm with them as to what you want.
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