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Following the Springfield Guide


  • 11EEvey
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    Good catch!
  • Jes074
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    > @VigilantGuardian said:
    > (Quote)
    > Moe lives at 57 walnut street

    no, moe lives at 555 evergreen terrace see the fandom: https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Evergreen_Terrace
  • Jes074
    7 posts New member
    > @VigilantGuardian said:
    > (Quote)
    > Moe lives at 57 walnut street

    oh sorry you're right thanks for hate me because i say something wrong
  • @VigilantGuardian @Jes074 The show has conflicting info on where Moe lives. The show has shown him at multiple addresses. Here is a quote from tstoaddicts.com:

    "So even the show’s writers offer conflicting information about where Moe lives. Be it number 57, number 555, an apartment, the bar, or even his “brown gold” soaked house…it’s still fun to see where it all came from. And of course it’s always fun to see contradicting information in the show..of course that’s too be expected when you have 27 seasons go look back on!"

    Here is a link detailing his locations. Read the whole article to show that there is no "right" answer.
  • Lower East Side Homes is on the map next to the YMCA.

    Also, Moe's Brewing Co. is on Squidport (from the episode, but not on the map).
  • I've been without my laptop for a while since it went kaput but got it back yesterday all fixed. I'm finally able to get back to working on my town. Kinda hard to look at the guide and play the game at the same time on my phone XD.
  • rockyb2006 wrote: »
    Anyone willing to add to my list of released buildings located in the mall? So far I have:

    Springfield Mall
    Plunderer Pete's
    Nick's Bowling Shop
    Moe's Express
    Mapple Store

    Toys Were Us is another building in the mall. It would be great if EA releases Hailstone's to go with the mall.
  • Anyone able to find Lotto and Liquor on the map? I got it the other day and can't find it myself.
  • Anyone able to find Lotto and Liquor on the map? I got it the other day and can't find it myself.

    I don't believe it is on the map at all because it was last updated with new buildings from the show in 2004 and Lotto 'N' Liquor didn't appear in the show until 2012.
  • Ah that makes sense then. I'll place it somewhere where there's nothing on the map then.
  • None of the buildings for this event are in Springfield, other than one that would be fairly obvious.
  • I'll be adding the RV to the other camper vans to make the dealership next to the ad agency. Might even use the Happy Birthday archway as some kind of marketing stunt at the lot.

    Hey, you sir, 3% off in our birthday special! buy an RV today..
  • I got Krustylu Studios with Sideshow Mel today. It feels good to get something that's actually on the map. I had enough room to put it right next to Channel 6 studios too. Now to go for Coolsville with Milo so I can use his Game Master costume.
  • KadeTTHH
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    Hi, am redesigning my Springfield. Can someone give me a recent screenshot of Bravewall's Springfield? Unfortunately his neighborhood is full, otherwise I would have done it myself. Can't send him a message either. =(

    Thank you very much in advance. =D
  • 11EEvey
    3379 posts Member
    @KadeTTHH Bravewall hasn't played in a long long time. The most current map is on page 30 I believe
  • Thanks Elli, I've already been there. Just wanted to have a 100% copy of Bravewall's Springfield. You all have had great ideas and implementations so far, but I shot him in. ^^ The map already helped, but visual material helps me a lot more because I play TSTO in German. Write here via Google Translate. :#
  • Springfield’s Little Italy is on the map. It’s In between Bob’s Big Buda and Luigi’s.
  • Looking forwards to getting that :)
  • HomerSimpson2349
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    edited September 2020
    Been recently updating/remaking the map so it makes it easier for me.
    Just finished what was on the map already +/- a few.
    So far I'm exactly 500 locations in. I expect there to be something near 1000 when it's done.
    It's extended a bit on each side as well so more locations can be included
    [No image cuz it's an .svg file]
  • Aw I'd love to see it at some point when it's done :)
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