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Following the Springfield Guide


  • Mine are all on *this* side of the mountains. My SH area is for special event projects like Japan, Vegas Casino Land, mini Europe and the video game land thing from before.

    Other items include: Big and Tall, Steamed Hams and Jackpot Realty (which also seems to be off-map). Steamed Hams HAS to be in sight of the Skinner house. Big and Tall, hm, I couldn't see it, but then I was working from an older version of the map as it seems to have disappeared from this thread.

    Took a scan on my copy of the map and Big and Tall isn’t jumping out. Then again, my scan could have missed it. Ah well, when all else fails, I rewatch the episode for ideas.
  • It does not appear as though any of the new buildings are on the map.
  • Oh My... This new update!!
  • I looked at a Simpsons wiki-type website, not sure which one it was, for a screenshot of where Big and Tall was and it is still difficult to tell but the image showed it being next to a store with striped awnings. I decided that could be the Chili Blasters restaurant in my town, because I had space next to it already. I am sure there are others with a similar look though.
  • I've been playing a while, just trying to organize my Springfield now! I need friends to share and visit .Thanks for a great forum!
  • 11EEvey
    2846 posts Member
    Here are some new maps

    Locations added include
    Book Books and Additional Books
    Greasers cafe
    Robotic Lab and Prodigy barn
    Bail Bonds
    New Frontier Land Spaces
    As always please let me know if I missed anything
  • That's really good. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you @11EEvey! Great work, as always.
  • MAP ITEM: Mt. Useful is located in the mountain range by Mt. Carlmore and the Murderhorn! WooHoo!
  • Hello i'm new , do you have a road map placed in the game to help me?
  • A screen without building ?
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