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  • Any items from the new event on the map at all?
  • 11EEvey
    3059 posts Member
    I haven't checked them all yet, but pitiless pup is in G4, Canine college is in E1
  • I'm using the Dognitive Behavioral Therapy Institute in place of Professor Von Bowser's Sanitarium for Dogs since as far as I can tell, the Von Bowser building was never actually shown in the show so I doubt it will ever end up in the game. In the Wiki it just gives a poster for it.
  • Mt. Splashmore is in the very upper left of the map.
  • rockyb2006
    817 posts Member
    edited August 14
    Polystar Pictures is on the map. Lower right side.

    I thought I posted this earlier...Mt. Splashmore is upper left from the last event.
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