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Foot Traffic in Springfiend Heights.

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I used to see different characters go by themselves to Springfield Heights and walk around there but for a minute its been deserted and cant get anyone to just go there freely, is this something that is common? any suggestions in creating movement there?


  • When you get a send all Springfield daily challenge task move the building temporarily to heights. Once completed tap on the thumbs up and let them roam into your area. As long as tasks set are visual and not attached to a building elsewhere they can remain there for ages till they find the tunnel! :)
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  • Gary_A_D
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    Even if you get rid of the tunnel they'll eventually find a way out through mountain passes.
  • I’ve been putting a few brown houses in my Shelbyville area to attract characters. There are quite a lot whose 24 hour task puts them in a brown house. Once they are there I can store the brown house and put them on outdoor tasks.

    It would be great if we had a button for “send all on outdoor task”. I have 415 characters (I counted!) and it just takes too long to slog through each character to find its outdoor task(s) since they have various times.
  • KLmaker
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    edited July 2019
    I did put a road the other side of the tunnel in SFH and it does hold them there for a bit, but they don't seem to follow it freely into SFH.
    You could place bushes, seats, benches and the like in there? I'll have to try that.
    Brockman's sun lounger?

    I had Skinner collecting resources in SFH I think, because I have had him bird watching and he is still there.

    I cannot remember the name of the blonde character who was selling land as part of the billionaire's story line, she has a 24hr task "Fend off children", and another task at the 'Ad Agency'?, not producing ads but IGC, but I didn't think I put her on that task for a while so I'm not sure how come she came to be there, but she's still there on this little bit of road?
  • The blonde would be Lindsey Naegle.
  • KLmaker
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    The blonde would be Lindsey Naegle.

    That's it, I didn't have iPad handy and could not remember her name, I remembered the brunette is Cookie Kwan but was pointless considering.

    I cannot remember what I set Lindsey Naegle doing, it was obviously too late to set her on 24hr sometime last weekend so set her on some shorter task instead then back to 24hr.
    But between tapping thumbs up and setting a new task, she still hasn't found her way out and she's only a stone's throw away from the tunnel. She's been on this little bit of road fending off children near the furniture store all week.
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