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Valentines glitch

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Characters stuck still doing valentines tasks. Poetry etc


  • Muhsterino
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    EA allows players to complete the part of an event they were working on when the event ended. Do you still have this event task in your task book and can you complete it?
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  • I have the same glitch. Here’s what I know:

    I never completed the final Valentines event task but it has long disappeared from my task book. The characters (Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Maggie, etc.) still have the 4-hour Valentines poem jobs as available jobs they can do, but the reward for completing the job is money, not poems as per the original event task. Even if they complete the jobs (dozens of times over months at this point), it never goes away. I figured it would just disappear and fix itself but it’s mid-August now.
  • I have the same problem. The tasks will not go away no matter how many times they are sent. It also keeps them from going on tasks from the unemployment office.
  • You should contact EA and ask them to remove those tasks for you
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