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Chippy Issue

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue but since the last update Chippy seems to be stuck at my Squidport. Every time I log in he’s there and he doesn’t seem to move. Can anybody help me with this? I’d like him roaming my whole town as he should be.


  • Are you unable to store him and replace him in town? Mine is walking around Springfield, not stuck like yours seems to be.
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  • Did you tap him?
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  • My Chippy(s) are roaming all about in all my towns. Sometimes characters do get stuck in a small area and Muhsterino is right: store it and bring it out again. Taskable characters can be sent to the building or object associated with the task, then move that object near to where you prefer that character to be.

    I really dislike the “send Springfielders” daily tasks partly because many characters do seem to get stuck in the vicinity (at the Kwik-e-Mart, the brown house, wherever).
  • Storing him and bringing him back out seems to have sorted the issue. Thanks guys
  • No issue here
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  • No issue here

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