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TSTO crashes when rushing jobs at Employment Office.

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edited July 2019
It does not matter if I rush the 1hr, 12hr or 24 hr tasks, the game crashes, I have only needed to rush these, so I know these crash.
Does rushing the 4hr and 8hr tasks cause it to crash as well? I don't know as I have not tried them yet.

My Employment Office did not use to do this, the first time I noticed it was when I had the SkyFinger placed.
Rather than going round collecting taxes and tapping on the few Thumbs Up by mistake and then not able to rush tasks because there are 3 people who could be put to work.

Instead, I rushed the EO and would collect taxes and Thumbs Up together, but the game crashed and when I logged back in, all building taxes are gone, reset to zero.
Probably lost about $500,000, not a lot for some, but about a weeks worth of tapping for me.

I do not remember the EO crashing before this, SkyFinger was stored many updates ago and iPad has been turned off hard many times, but it still crashes when rushed.

The SkyFinger is a brilliant thing, if it works. I have posted about this before but not as a dedicated thread, which probably explains why there have been no answers.


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