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"Find Maggie" bug on iOS platform, you can win 3 donuts from EA every 16 hours.

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When you play "Find Maggie" in the game, usually, it takes 16 hours to play next time. But I find a bug and you can play it just right after you find Maggie. I'm playing on iPhone XR with the latest version(4.38.5).
Here is how to reproduce the bug. When you can play "Find Maggie" and start to play, after the 3 seconds count down, you can start to find Maggie. Then you swipe up to pause the game for a while, when you resume the game, you can continue to find Maggie, the "magic" thing will happen after you find Maggie. There is a "Start" button and if you click that, you can play "Find Maggie" again and it counts if you find Maggie successfully. This only happens when you can find Maggie successfully and of course, you haven't found Maggie for 3 times. Literally, you can win 3 donuts every 16 hours from EA legally.


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