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Update: Simpsons Babies


  • Working great on my Note 9. Hopefully they fix it soon for those that need it..
  • Has the item limit been raised?
  • Has the item limit been raised?

    Often hiding, annoying and throwing pancakes at tapped-out.co.uk
  • I'm having problems too in my BQ Aquaris E5. Android 5.
  • Working fine on Pixel 3A Android 9.
  • I’m having the same problems. It boots me off after 30 seconds!
  • New update with babies won't let me play. Using Kindle Fire, level 441, on for 15 to 30 seconds then crashes and I'm back to the home page on this Kindle. Dedicated player here and would appreciate a fix. Uninstalling doesn't work.
  • I can't even collect one task right now. *sigh*
  • I've now been able to at least start the event quests. Inbetween crashing, of course, but it did let me collect Bart out of his quest and get things started.
  • If I tap on something around the Simpsons house I can usually get collect before it crashes.
  • Sharonh62
    1 posts New member
    Why can't I get in to the game it freezes and then knocks me out after about 30 secs I'm **** this is since the up date EA sort it out I'm pissed ,
  • Loading the game is also slower than usual..
  • The game is loading for me, but the lag is pretty bad. The screen is stuttering a lot now when trying to scroll or click on anyone. But it's still playable at least.
  • neenee411
    3 posts New member
    I never got the message to update but I got it anyway. I can get in but then my Amazon Fire also freezes and crashes after 30 seconds. I don't want to miss out on playing this event and miss getting buildings, characters, etc.
  • TiakerAvelonna
    46 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    It seems to me that tapping on the head icons in the upper left corner is what crashes things. I've been able to keep going on my quest, but tapping Gil's head has crashed me twice now.
  • 1pillform
    2037 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    Wont let me play the game anymore. It keeps crashing I just scroll through my town for less than 30 seconds and it just kicks me out of the game. I can't play the event at all.

    have fun guys...........
    ~Always be Designing~
    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
  • superefrain7
    263 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    Somehow I found the way to play for 30 seconds every time. I have to track down extremely fast every character needed in the main questline, so far I am in part 2. What is really challenging is to farm to buy things. Fortunately I had the donuts for the Gil deal but in order to get baby Frink I have to place 3 or 4 bloodmobiles every time before it crashes so I guess tonight I will get him.
  • 1pillform
    2037 posts Member
    I'm going to try to reinstall and see if that works.....if not.....then idk what I will do. :(
    ~Always be Designing~
    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
  • Same problem here, it keeps shutting the game every 30 seconds.
  • Mine plays for about 2 to 3 minutes then crashes. Using Dell Inspirion with emulator to get into TSOT. Plenty of room, using updated Blue Stacks version. This is getting frustrating.
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