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Update: Simpsons Babies


  • mccontrol wrote: »
    > @sideshowdan9 said:
    > Mine has updated in the appstore and downloaded in the game, and then flashes up 'update is required to continue'.
    > Hmm..

    Mine too! :-(

    I reinstalled (because why not), and the problem was still there. Then closed the app, restarted and there was a new new update which seems to have fixed it. I am in now.

    I did the exact same thing earlier and it worked for me too, seems to be the fox for anyone else with this problem

    I tried this on my Kindle 10 but it didn't work. I can play on Android.
  • yay! so happy
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  • Here we go for the second day.....crash crash crash. Deleted the app again for the second time...took 30 minutes to reinstall 1740 Mb and it still won't work. Getting cranky here.
  • I know. All that money and tickets just waiting. I did get on for a few seconds and got my balloons but lost Maggie. I will try every hour to see if it is fixed.
  • I was doing well, until I finished the stage. Now between trying to get the quest claimed, running through the dialogue, and trying to place the building, I can't get all of it done. Kinda surprised they haven't fixed it but also kinda not surprised.
  • Sorry to hear so many of you are having problems. I have been playing all 5 of my games with no noticeable issues on my iPad and am enjoying the new content, including the return of the overpriced Gil Deal :D

  • It's been letting me do the 4hr check in for event jobs, and even build back some donuts. Maybe the problem is less once you have less characters with thumbs above their heads? (I wouldn't rush to retask the whole town with jobs again.) And the new mustached flanders guy is always trouble. Tapping his "!" avatar pic has closed me out Often. Something to do with the audio files running amok? (When characters say their "I'm finished" quotes that's often when my game dies, but also sometimes at random moments when nothing was being tapped.)
  • [quote="nerd_alert2016;c-2081078"]Anybody else having problems running this update on an Amazon Fire device? I can get into the game but after about 30 seconds, it freezes and crashes. Happens on both of my devices. Uninstall & reinstall did not help.[/quote]

    Yes I'm having the same problem too. Not the first time Amazon Fire devices have had issues with the game 😡
  • EA really sucks...is it so hard to fix that bug?
  • works fine on my iPad. In fact just finished this weeks quests so don't panic you will have plenty of time to do it when they fix the issue.
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  • 1pillform
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    Still not working. I'm now 4 days behind on the event and I assume I will also miss the gil deal because of this crashing issue.....I can't even start the event at all....
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  • I too am unable to play on both my kindle fire hd 8 and Android HTC phone. I'm so behind hope it's fix soon.😒😢
  • I'm using a kindle fire, game loads after a minute or so knocks me out, or it freezes and I have to turn off kindle and restart.
  • I will add to that thread as well but just noting on here the irony of doing this event in baby steps as I can only get a little further every time I restart the game...
  • If your on an Amazon device your complaints should also be sent to Amazon. Like others I am using a new Fire hd 10. The newest OS for this runs Android lollypop.
  • Since they fixed the update I been able to finish the story but I missed getting some of the characters. How can I get them before September 4th.
  • Hey I still have the Simpsons babies update even after a month my game is updated but the quests are still here I don’t know how to get rid of them. I also have quests from who shot mr burns, please help!
  • You must have got the rollback issue....that's not good.
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  • Hey I still have the Simpsons babies update even after a month my game is updated but the quests are still here I don’t know how to get rid of them. I also have quests from who shot mr burns, please help!

    Have you tried installing & reinstalling TSTO? If that doesn't work, then you'll need to contact EA directly (preferably with either their phone or chat options). Best of luck! @drichards168
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