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What Changed with the Simpsons Babies Update? (8/19)

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August 19th Update (4.39.1; Simpsons Babies Patch 1)
  • The Younger Games's job for characters "Accidently Sit on Toys" was changed to "Accidentally Sit on Toys".
  • A check for purchases enabled was added if an update is unavailable for the manufacturer.
  • The crashes on the devices were solved.
August 6th Update (4.39.0; Simpsons Babies)
  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed back to new ones for the event.
  • The character icons for the Moonbounce menu were changed from the borderless images to the white bordered ones.
  • Baby Homer, Baby Marge, Baby Lisa, Baby Bart, Baby Frink, Young Burns, Teenage Smithers, Baby Moe and Baby Barney can now Moonbounce.
  • During the Splash Screen, some devices now play ambient sounds from items around town.
  • Some devices were experiencing crashes since the store update.
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