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New update crashing after 30 sec or 1 min


  • Yep having same problem ea say they are looking into it haven't heard back from them yet😣
  • Same problem here. It's frustrating. Can't even do anything on the game.
  • Why hasn't this been fixed yet ....so annoying 😨
  • They will not fix it. It's obvious. They always fix everything soon, but since a short time to now they doesn't care about game. They will await to the event it's finished.
  • 65 hours in and still no fix
    What are they doing at ea
  • Yup. Two days now. Tried on two different Kindle's and Samsung S6. On the Kindle's I uninstalled all apps but the necessary ones, still nothing. Rebooted, re-synched, D&R, the whole shebang. This is becoming worse than The Event That Shall Not Be Named.
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  • EA will fix issue just as soon as they finish counting all their money
  • jetofsc
    2 posts New member
    Same for me,still crashing Hope it doesn't take as long to fix as it did the zoom issue. I was ready to quit playing.
  • Been playing nearly 3 years level 488 first time with problems but am disgusted that nothing seems to have been done to help faithful players
  • cokewithvanilla
    55 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    Surprised they havent fixed it yet, works fine if you're running a newer android OS (8.1 Oreo or higher) but its a no go on anything older, I tested this on a Note 2 (KitKat) and my Samsung J7 (8.1 Oreo) ,it only runs for a few seconds on the Note 2 but has been perfectly stable on the J7.

    Also tested in both Bluestacks & Nox emulators but they only support up to Android 7.1 and its a crashfest in both emulators, they used to run tapped out without issue before the current update / event.
  • It’s Sunday 11th now and I still can’t play. I’ve played since the game first started and I’m seriously thinking about quitting. These glitches didn’t used to happen - please fix it EA!!!
  • Obvious ea doesnt give a damn its been 4 days now
  • imposible jugar, espero que lo solucionen pronto, el juego se cierra no da tiempo a nada, creia que era la unica
  • [quote="chikyfito928;c-2082078"]imposible jugar, espero que lo solucionen pronto, el juego se cierra no da tiempo a nada, creia que era la unica[/quote]

    No parece que lo vayan a solucionar siquiera. Creo que esperararán a que acabe el evento y que nos den hasta entonces.
  • I love Tapped Out, been playing for years. Since this latest update the game is virtually unplayable and the only information is "This is only an issue with older tablets" and "they're working on it". Really??? My Kindle is about a year old and they have been "working on it" for at least five days now. If anyone from EA is reading this (or cares), I can't possibly express how incredibly disappointed I am.
  • I logged in before, it let me stay on for a couple of minutes, I even managed to farm a few donuts, and then POOF...kicked me out. DAMN EA, JUST DAMN
  • dagr411
    1 posts New member
    It's been days now. How long is this fix going to take? I'm not buying a new tablet just to play this game. EA should do something for all of us older Android users due to being completely unable to play the game.
  • I seriously think ea have given up on us
  • For crying out loud, there must be at least 6 different threads here talking about the same issue. I know there are administrators here that are reading our comments. You would think that someone from EA would have the common courtesy to keep us just a little informed. I can't decide what's more annoying: the game crashing every few seconds OR EA seemingly not caring.
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