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New update crashing after 30 sec or 1 min


  • I agree they must see this we dont want to moan we just want to play our game
  • tacoshack7807
    56 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    You can try submitting a bug report to EA.....

    Update..I see my case got cancelled and I got a generic email response. :(
  • After all these days without can play, EA must give as some doughnuts, 50 or 60 at least.
  • Well it's been a week and still the same?!?!?!
    I'm yet to start this event.
    I'm playing on an Amazon fire 8, which I only bought at Christmas 2018 so I'm not buying a new tablet to continue playing.
    If EA don't fix this, they are going to lose a paying customer.
  • and....it's still broke.
  • i have the same problem to
  • A full week of not being able to play. I’ve been a player since the early days, EA are going to lose a paying customer! 😡
  • jetofsc
    2 posts New member
    Maybe EA could get help from the programmers at Pixel Federation !! I have NEVER had an issue with Diggy 's Adventure , just connectivity occasionally . Super fun special events !!
  • I submitted a help ticket ti EA Help yesterday - this is the replyi got today...

    For now, there is currently no workaround I can suggest. In the meantime, we will continue working hard behind the scenes to identify, fix and release a potential address for this issue.

    Do not be alarmed when reading this email that the case will be closed for now. We most certainly have not forgotten about you, we simply require a little more time to deal with this issue.

    This is to recap, we've asked for your patience until our concerned team finish their investigation and find a fix.

    I hope you can understand this.
  • oddly enough - i tried to post this on the EA Help forums - but - i couldn't find anywhere on the page i was viewing to reply to the topic....!
  • serysol
    1 posts New member
    I did not receive the latest update, hence, uninstalled previous version and installed the new one manually. ****. EA MUST compensate time and donuts... 😠
    1 posts New member
    I hate it when it crashes it acts like you did not play... All your stuff you tapped before it freezes and crashes did not happen. I have been tapping a few seconds at a time and back out of the game. Keeps what you did but is annoying as hell. Lose the 25 doughnuts for the charger for basically nothing. EA dont care at all cuz bejewelled blitz did this no response from EA and i uninstalled it after 9 years of playing.
  • oddly enough - i tried to post this on the EA Help forums - but - i couldn't find anywhere on the page i was viewing to reply to the topic....!

    Yeah, it's weird. You have to click reply on a comment there in order to reply. It took me a while to figure it out.

  • Surley this should have been fixed by now over a week ..its really getting annoying !!!
  • And still we can’t play!! It’s 10 days now! I’ve played since 2013! Is the game being phased out or do EA just don’t care anymore? 😡
  • After 8 years and some money, I have given up, deleted and going off the game. I don't think there is any intention to fix.
  • Still crashing after 15 seconds on my Kindle Fire 10. Submitted a ticket and got the same canned response. I give up.
  • So basically this update bug won't be fixed?? It's the 18th and the game keeps crashing :neutral: I wish they would say something other than uninstall and install again :neutral:

    Really want to know what's going on or if it's time to delete the game and find something else, it sucks 'cause I just used donuts to buy characters and I can't even use them XDD
  • nevzatbey
    2 posts New member
    Same here, game kicks me out within 30 seconds. Very last update caused it. I am wondering why it is not fixed
  • I can get into the game, but it crashes when I try to collect finished quest "thumbs". I managed to move my Sky Finger monument to a remote location, so I could at least use that to get the building income.
    But I can't play this Springfield Babies event without triggering a crash - which is annoying.
    Hopefully a patch will come soon.

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