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Make old event tasks go away

Is there a way to get rid of the event tasks from past events, other than actually doing the tasks??

For instance for whatever event it was where I had to send characters to blow on cartridges and collect crystals... The "next" prize (and the ones after that) are things I just do not want. I have 0/400 somethingorothers, which will lead to the prize. The prize I don't want. The task to blow on cartridges is in yellow at the top of a dozen characters' task lists.

Isn't there an event end date at some point at which time the task vanishes? I thought there used to be a final take-down date for events.

In one of my towns, I'm still being asked to do some stupid chili pepper task.

Any help? There was a thread asking this in the archives, but that was 2 years ago. Maybe things have changed?

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