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Babies Update : Odd background sound

I play TO with music and sfx off. After the babies update was released, I started hearing a burning fire type sound after the game loaded. It disappears when I scroll around, but after a while it comes back. Sfx and music are still turned off. I've also rebooted my phone. Running a Verizon S10+ with Update 5.


  • I have the exact same issue. Music and sfx are turned off in the settings but when I open the game there are ambient sounds, like street noise. The only way to get rid of the sounds is to turn off the media sounds entirely on my tablet. Very annoying, and a little startling the first times it happened since I'm used to TO being quiet
  • ;) I hear the sound of a cracking fire then changes to what sounds like a labeling Brooke and water bubbles. Very strange !!!!!!😛
  • relk12
    2 posts New member
    Years later and this STILL is an issue.
  • MzlakiM
    1 posts New member
    Happened all the time on my old Samsung Galaxy S9 and it continues on my S21
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