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Simpsons Babies working fine thread



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    I have 2 Kindle Fires and neither can connect. I spoke with an EA "support staff" member yesterday who said he had not heard of ANYONE else having problems and that I just needed to clear my cache. Well, I am sorry to say that did not work. I have cleared the cache, removed the app and reinstalled it (3 times), turned off the device, waited and restarted it. NOTHING works. I am ready to say goodbye after close to 5 years due to the frustration.

    I can't understand why two people have flagged this firstly. As for when support tells me that, I respectfully tell them how wrong they are and how it is quite a simple matter for EA to monitor their own forums for info to know about problems being widely commented on and to please connect me directly to the next level of game support who actually knows what they're talking about.

    It is perhaps because you are posting about it not working, in a thread that clearly indicates that it is to get information on who it IS working for. There is a long thread about it not working, so why hijack this one. I did not flag you but wondered why you posted here also.

    Hmmm, maybe because when you replied to me, you thought I was the one who posted inappropriately when I was simply commenting on the post I had quoted. That being said, it is rather easy to mis-read, isn't it, and perhaps you should loosen your judgy pants since even you make mistakes. Also, I didn't read the OP's thread as having direct intent over only being to discuss who it is working for. When discussing who things are working for - who they aren't is pretty relevant. In fact, no need for a separate thread at all. It could have been in the first one. There's no posts these days anyway so the semantics police should all take a chill pill.
  • OhHappyJays
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    oclock187 wrote: »
    Working fine, but i got baby Homer and then the event does not continue??

    The game will auto drop and begin Act 2 at 10am EST (add or subtract hours depending upon your specific time zone).

    Don't send anyone on tasks until you know who is needed for currency output.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
  • My game is working fine but the update just vanished yesterday. Is this a bug??????
  • Rich0913
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    No problem in both towns.
  • I thought the thread was helpful because of the fact that it allowed us to gather feedback on which devices were working. It may have been a tiny bit tongue-in-cheek but with at least 7 threads essentially saying the same thing it doesn't hurt to have one thread for the rest of us.

    I'm sure once EA sorts out the issue they will do what's right for those that missed act 1. It was super short anyway, finished it before Friday. Gil deal steals the show and that'll be available for a few more weeks...I think, clicked on it too fast to see the timer. LoL

    EA didn't do this for those of us who had the "zoom" glitch. I seriously doubt they will offer anything to those missing this event
  • ramrod130
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    Maybe the older devices are being fazed out.. my note 9 is working great, along with other high end Androids and iPhones.. it might be time for the ones who can't play to upgrade their devices if they want to keep on tapping..
  • jmlgg
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    0 problems with tsto in a very loooong time... i assume people just playing on outdated devices
  • Those poor older devices being phased out. I hope they aren't too fazed by the whole experience.
  • GrowlyOne wrote: »
    Those poor older devices being phased out. I hope they aren't too fazed by the whole experience.

    I, for one, am fazed by the phase.
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  • KLmaker
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    I thought the krusty side quests seemed a bit long, 24hrs here or there, 12hrs here or there, but all worth it I thought when I got a Krustyland expansion, but when I logged back in it was gone???
    Then I realised I must have taken one of those Euro-Krustyland pill's, I maybe loosing connection to reality, but at least it wasn't the servers... not too much anyway!!!
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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