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Simpsons Babies: A Whiff of Ziff Walkthrough

A Whiff of Ziff Pt. 1

Auto starts

Lisa: This Youthenizer is a bit unusual. It has over a thousand moving parts, yet it's carved from a single block of solid mammoth ivory.
Lisa: Also, is Dad alive?
Bart: He's fine. He filled the baby bathtub with beer and he was relaxing with his head in it.
Baby Homer: I'm sparkling clean from the face up.
Lisa: Uhm, Dad? Could you maybe put some clothes on?
Baby Homer: No chance, lady. I'm unselfconsciously unashamed of my woo-woo and my boo-boo.
Baby Marge: Oooh, who's this handsome young man? And I do mean young. And I sort of mean handsome.
Lisa: Mom, that's Homer!
Baby Marge: Who?
Lisa: Your husband?
Lisa: He fathered your children?
Baby Marge: Babies don't know where babies come from, Lisa. I don't even know a hoo-hoo from a woo-woo. So get off my boo-boo!

Task: Collect Kids Crafts [x50]
Task: Make Homer Be Unpleasantly Unselfconscious
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Lisa Analyze the Youthenizer
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

A Whiff of Ziff Pt. 2

Auto starts

Baby Homer and Baby Marge: *cuddle*
Lisa: This is so sweet! Mom and Dad are falling in love all over again! And this time without all the rivalry and jealousy.
Artie Ziff: Hello, Marge, I'm here on my annual visit to see if you're still married to that slovenly buffoon with the receding brainline.
Baby Marge: Artie Ziff?! My would-be paramour?
Baby Homer: Oh, sure, you remember his name but not mine?
Artie Ziff: You're looking younger than ever, Marge. Way, WAY younger. Why is everyone babies?
Lisa: We think it has something to do with this Youthenizer, Mr. Ziff.
Artie Ziff: This thing? It looks like an ordinary smart speaker, carved from an ordinary variety of extinct Siberian mammoth ivory.
Baby Homer: He thinks he's so smart just because his frontal cortex is developed.
Baby Marge: Don't be jealous, Homie. I have no interest in a grown man.
Bart: The Youthenizer went off again!
Baby Artie Ziff: You bet your sweet boo-boo it did!
Baby Artie Ziff: What'd'ya say, Marjorie? You wasted one lifetime with Homer. How about wasting the next one with moi?

Task: Collect Kids Crafts [x100]
Task: Make Lisa Chaperone Babies
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Homer Get Jealous
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

A Whiff of Ziff Pt. 3

Auto starts

Baby Homer: Two can play at this game! I'll teach Marge a lesson in jealousy by hanging out with that even younger baby over there.
Ling Bouvier: Hi, Uncle Homer! I'm Ling, your niece!
Baby Homer: Are you jealous yet, Marge?
Ling Bouvier: I was adopted by your sister-in-law, Selma!
Baby Homer: Selma, eh? Now that's a name I remember.
Baby Homer: Yucky! Cooties! Stinky! Waaaaaaaah!

Task: Collect Kids Crafts [x100]
Task: Make Ling Make Homer Feel Yucky
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

A Whiff of Ziff Pt. 4

Auto starts

Baby Artie Ziff: Step aside, Homer. Marge and I wish to sit for a romantic portraiture session in this nacho-encrusted photo booth.
Baby Marge: Fun fact: as babies, we're unable to associate two-dimensional photos with actual people! But, whatever.
Baby Homer: I cannot allow Marge to be dragged into a Smartie Artie Fartie Partie! I'm crawling in after her!
Bart: You realize you're still naked, Dad?
Baby Homer: It's cute when it's an innocent damned baby! So shut your pacifier hole and take the stinkin' picture!

Task: Collect Kids Crafts [x100]
Task: Make Babies Squeeze Into Photobooth [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Fotohut
Characters: Homer, Marge, Ling Bouvier, Artie Ziff
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

A Whiff of Ziff Pt. 5

Auto starts

Baby Homer: I'm sorry for all the ruckus, Marge. I just needed a burping.
Baby Marge: I already forgot whatever you're talking about. So consider it forgotten.
Baby Homer: You're sweet. Here, I made you a ham and cheese sammie.
Baby Marge: *gasp* My favorite!
Baby Artie Ziff: Don't eat that plebeian mush, Marge! I brought you a far more sophisticated "croque monsieur"!
Baby Marge: What's that?
Baby Artie Ziff: It's a ham and cheese sandwich! Served with a French accent.
Baby Marge: Yuck!
Baby Artie Ziff: I fail to see how this merits a yuck. It's the same sandwich.
Baby Marge: Hardly! It doesn't even have double bread. It's an open-faced atrocity. Like you!
Baby Artie Ziff: Ouch.
Baby Artie Ziff: I'm not sure that's even an insult, but as a baby I respond solely to your facial expressions.
Baby Marge: Homer's the only man-baby who truly understands me. Even without a baby translator.
Baby Homer and Baby Marge: *cuddle*
Baby Artie Ziff: I don't have to squat here and listen to this! Goodbye forever! And see you next year!

Task: Collect Kids Crafts [x100]
Task: Make Homer Take Marge on a Sammy Date
Time: 4h
Location: Le Petite Appétit
Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP
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