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i haven't seen Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

in new simpsons episodes has he been remove? also judge snyder haven't seen him on new episodes oy mike tyson too.


  • Well it's a long story but too keep it short people were criticising Apu as a Indian stereotype and people were offended as it is in today's world especially when Hank azaria is a white American who voices him he was willing to step aside and let an actual Indian actor voice Apu but the producers wanted to retire the character because Apu is political correctness and offensive so does that mean characters like Krusty and groundskeeper Willie will be retired too I mean we've lost Mrs krabappel in different circumstances there's no enjoyment anymore watching the Simpsons I think it's had it's day.
  • so your saying his not coming out in the simpson show anymore
  • Matt himself said Apu was staying in the show back at D23 in August
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