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The level or righteousness keeps changing from 5 stars to half a star and back again even though i dont change anything in my land. Each change down lasts about a day before reverting back.


  • If you buy some Training walls and hide them around town, the rating will never fall. You might need quite a few.
    The rating is tied to graffiti and tasks by criminals.
  • You can also spam OS and catch SSB to re-up the rating, but Training Walls will fix it and not let it drop.
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    If you position Training Walls with other stuff you could end up with something you actually have a use for, that way you don't have to hide them and then find you can't put a building there because you forgot you hid a wall there.
    I've done it.

    I have about 40 walls, I read it somewhere that that's what you need, and causing a few problems why I couldn't place something when I hid them.
    At the time I didn't have a lot of land so it got crammed.
  • How do you hide the walls?
  • How do you hide the walls?

    Put them behind buildings
  • How do you hide the walls?

    Even a medium size building like the Police Station is big enough to hide a few walls behind, and as for Exclusive Resorts, and Business Centres or Car Ports at max upgrade at the extreme and everything in between, (He's a poet and he didn't even know it), you are spoilt for choice to hide something behind, you just have to remember it's there.

    In theory, you could possibly hide a tall building that you don't have a use for behind an even taller building that you do?
  • How do you hide the walls?

    Put them behind buildings

    Like this. Works for training walls and multiplier items.


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