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Fair Play EA

Good work EA the patch worked for me and stopped the crashing.
How about another patch to introduce at least the premium items at the end of the event for those that missed out?
Times gone by you would have done this anyway in events and it would be especially fair now given the circumstances


  • they'll probably do it later
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  • Hopefully we'll see a Second Chance in this event, what with all the users not being able to play and such.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
  • The targets are pretty easy so I guessed a lot of peeps will be able to catch up.
    It's missing the limited time premium purchases that would miff me
  • I take it all back.
    Tap tap tap crash
    Tap tap crash
    Tap crashy McCrashgame
  • If by crash you mean the Bart screen, then I'm getting that today as well.
    Whoa, whoa, whoa – I only accept cash, bitcoin, or GameStop stock.
  • What I want is the prizes from part one and two. Since the game was down for the entire time of those parts. I have no hope of getting all the prizes now. When I asked EA, first they said it is playable now and closed my ticket. Had to open a new one just to be told I will not be getting either extra playtime or the prizes. I would be happy with EA just leaving all the questlines open so I can continue to play them.
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