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Baby Marge

I guess everyone or at least most have Baby Marge by now but there's a few things I noticed about her.
1) Her outfit in the game is different to the one on the loading screen but it is similar to Lisa's outfit though it probably is from an episode.
2) She has a 24 hour task with Ling Bouvier at the Simpsons House but she doesn't have a solo 24 hour task like Canadian Flanders.
3) She says a couple of lines when she is tapped and sent on tasks but I think that's the same with other characters in the event.

I don't mind the first point since it can be weird if she was wearing the same clothes from her childhood and as an adult just like when Bart and Lisa wear the same set of clothes when they were much younger in episodes. The second and third one are kind of annoying since she doesn't have her own 24 hour task and when using the Unemployment Office, Ling will probably go on her own 24 hour task. There could of been at least 4 lines for her from different episodes when she was younger rather than just the 2 she currently has.

Does anyone agree with me?


  • yeah that's weiiiiiiiiiird
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  • LPNintendoITA
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    did we get shiny Baby Marge in-game?

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  • OhHappyJays
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    Literally Baby Marge is flashbacks is literally Marge's head, just smaller, often on Lisa's model. Probably for ease of use when animating and drawing, since the image is already on file.
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  • PotBellyPigeon
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    OhHappyJays, I didn't think of that between Baby Marge and Lisa.
    LPNintendoITA, I don't think we did get the shiny Baby Marge in the game though its not the first time I believe something on the loading screen appears different in the game or not at all (looking at you Itchy & Scratchy Topiary from I&S Land).

    I originally wrote this post to point out that Baby Marge didn't have a solo 24 hour task but I didn't want to be a post about that one thing. With Act 3, Baby Lisa didn't get a solo 1 hour task since it requires Bart. However, with Cypress Creek Elementary it gives Baby Lisa a solo 1 hour task.
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