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Christmas Corn reminder

Not sure if everyone still does this or not but I believe if we want Christmas corn we have about 20 days to make sure the farm is ready. September 26th is the plant day if I'm not mistaken.


  • Cool, but remind me again on the 24th or 25th :)
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  • What is Christmas corn?
  • KLmaker wrote: »
    What is Christmas corn?

    If you plant corn at Cletus farm on Sep 26, it will be ready on Christmas day.
    When in Doubt, Release The Hounds.
  • Thank you.
    What do you get for it though?
    Or is it just IGC?
  • you get to wish everyone a Happy Christmas!!
    I love my computer...all my friends live in it
  • KLmaker wrote: »
    Thank you.
    What do you get for it though?
    Or is it just IGC?

    You get 95000 (in game money) after its completed.
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  • Willy9292
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    KLmaker wrote: »
    Thank you.
    What do you get for it though?
    Or is it just IGC?

    A sense of community. Something positive to talk about here. Interaction with other players. A feeling of connection with others on Christmas morning, when we all harvest our corn. and send good wishes out on the forum. Things we used to have. <sigh>

    Oh and thanks for the reminder @IncarceratedBart
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  • audiomixdon
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    I stopped planting corn once the game starting making “farming” Daily Challenges. I swear within two days of planting corn I’d get “Harvest Silvertongue” and would have to ignore it for 88 days! Lol

    PS I know I could just X it and get another task, but it would probably be one that you have to send the whole town which annoys me too, 😂😂
  • I still believe in halloween corn. Which makes more sense. I mean just think of a haunted corn maze.
  • Given the date I now realise why I missed it last year.. :lol:
    You just had to look didn't ya!...
  • Thanks for the reminder. Did this last year, so why not do it again.
  • johncolombo
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    thanks for the reminder.
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  • Did it for the first time last year. Collected a task nearby which collected the Xmas corn without me knowing. Most anti-climatic thing ever.
  • I'm going to decorate around the farm this year. We have plenty of decorations from over the years....
  • I replanted corn immediately after harvesting last year's Christmas corn, and I've kept replanting. My latest batch is almost ready to be harvested. Fortunately I have Witch Marge in the event my dates don't line up exactly for this year's Christmas corn.

    Oh and I haven't had a single daily challenge to plant something all year long.
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  • Its been 2 years since I did it. But thanks for the reminder. Although I may end up forgetting again.
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  • What time of The day do people plant it at do you want your Christmas Corn in the morning or afternoon, early / late evening.
  • I will plant late on the 25th so it will be ready early Christmas morn
    When in Doubt, Release The Hounds.
  • I think I'll grow Christmas corn this year.

    Should get a couple of levels from harvesting it.

    Or just Bart screen.
  • Christmas moonshine for me this year
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