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Last Film you watched / Up Coming Movies


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    Peppermint (2018). Slow moving initially and key action scenes you expected to see were presented as being implied. And when actions do take place, production value is low and feels like a made for TV action flick. A lack lustre watch.
  • johncolombo
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    Black Mirror Bandersnatch
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    The Predator (2018). This is the worst Predator film in the series for me. Just ignore the plot and enjoy the actions. But actions were not that great too, often dark and too fast to know what was going on. The comedic moments were pretty good though. And there was an unadorable child actor.
  • tQNdNZr.jpg

    Elseworlds (2018) This is a 3 episodes story arc starting with The Flash, Arrow and then wrapping up with Supergirl, 42 mins each. Quite refreshing and funny at some moments. I dont like the acting of Batwoman and her hairdo though.
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    The Happytimes Murder (2018). Quite an interesting watch though quite crude and vulgar.
  • johncolombo
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    The Monkees - Head
    Also staring Annette Funicello, Frank Zappa,Toni Basil, Jack Nicholson, and Teri Garr :o:D
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  • wVRL3Oz.jpg

    Blindspotting (2018) A good drama in a comedic way but deals with serious social issues. A good watch. A lot of **** though
  • Rap is a bad word?
  • I just saw the new Spiderman and the new Bumblebee movie.

    Both are definitely too kid-oriented. I was disappointed with both, but the bee movie was just...tedious.
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    Bird Box (2018). One of those films that could trigger discussions and interpretations should you want to ponder deeper. Quite an engaging watch though
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    I love this film

  • n6FN34J.jpg
    I love this film

    I like it too. But I don't quite understand the ending. And it seems a bit ambiguous
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    Venom (2018) . I enjoyed this film. Though I think it would be better if it is darker in theme.
  • GIWcZEU.jpg

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) A unique engaging watch
  • om7ngHH.jpg

    Operation Finale (2018) An engaging drama with good acting and production. Not really a thriller though
  • 9XJP2Ih.jpg

    Searching (2018) I actually watched this over two slots. I turned it off after 30 minutes. When I finally finished it, it definitely has a great story. But I do not like the way the film is presented though it is quite ground breaking. The film makes me tired and stressed.
  • DnHJMed.jpg

    Door Lock (2018) A suspense thriller from Korea about a stalker. A not so pretty actress known for her acting plays the lead role. She was famous from the Korean drama Master's Sun. Quite engaging and suspenseful. Adapted from a 2011 Spainish film, Sleep Tight
  • oYplYwy.jpg

    Human, Space, Time and Human (2018). A South Korean film with dialogues in both Japanese and Korean. It is a story about a group of tourists aboard an old warship. I see it as a microcosm of the society at large. The film wants to present itself as being artistic and yet it is also exploitative. The exploitative parts make it watchable, else I would feel that it was a terrible watch. Production value is crude. But people who enjoy literature and like to analyse the meaning of the story may probably like the film. This film was shown in various film festivals.
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    American Hustle (2013). I enjoyed this film with great performances by the cast. Though I need to rewatch a bit to understand the hustle. I was shocked by Amy Adams in this film and my good impression of what I think she is as a person, was ruined.
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    Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) I only laughed out once in this film. But still, I got no regrets watching this in the absence of any bond's film. I think children should like it.
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