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    The Battle of Chosin (2016). A good documentary from PBS about the Korean war.
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    Project Gutenberg (2018) This is one of the better HK/Chinese film I saw this year. With two of the biggest HK actors, Chow Yun Fat and Aaron Kwok. The action sequences reminded me of the good old action films by Chow. Storyline is interesting too though not exactly original.
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    Monstrum (2018). A period Korean thriller about a palace officer tasked to investigate whether a monster is terrorising the town. Quite an entertaining watch.
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    American Ultra (2015) I didnt like it initially but as it progressed, it turned out to be an entertaining thriller. Good watch
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    Rampant (2018) A Korean period film with zombies. Good balance of drama and action with two accomplished actors and an actress that looks like a young Song Hye Kyo, the most beautiful actress in Korea. An above average watch.
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    A good film. I very much enjoyed it.
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    Dark Figure of Crime (2018). A psychological Korean thriller about a prisoner who admitted to a visiting detective that he was responsible for a string of murders no one knew. Adapted from real events. Quite engaging due to the crime solving.
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    Titans Season 1 (2018). 11 episodes of one hour each. This series is very good. It could easily trigger a binge watch. Much better than most of the boring Netflix Marvel series and not cheesy like the CW series
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    L Storm (2018) This is the third film of a franchise about a HK anticorruption agency. Fairly straight forward thriller film that feels like an infomerical by the Chinese authorities to stay away from corruption. There was a scene that I laughed out because when the Chinese police chief talked, he was like giving a speech about how they would not tolerate corruption of any form from anyone in whatever position. Overall an average watch. It does have Louis Koo, a great HK actor.
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    Hellraiser III Hell on Earth (1992) Unintentionally watched this again. An extended version where cut scenes were inserted. A visercal watch
  • 9S52Ul1.jpg

    Red Sparrow (2018) I enjoyed this film. Though starts to get a little confusing into the story. A rated R film
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    Suburbicon (2017). A awkward, disturbing film in the style of dark comedy that doesnt entertain for me. Good casts though
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    Salt (2010) . It has good action scenes but ruined by a bad storyline for me.
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    A always love watching this film
  • I'm looking forward to Arctic, with Mads Mikkelsen. Also his other cold titled movie, Polar. But Polar looks more like a fun mindless action movie.
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    The Last Kingdom Season 1 (2015). 8 one hour episodes. Quite enjoyable. More straightforward and fast paced as compared to Vikings. From BBC
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    Revenger (2018) A Korean film with awesome, well choreographed fighting scenes but marred by bad storyline and production value. Lead is played by a veteran stunt guy in his debut in a lead role, Bruce Khan. He reminds me of Donnie Yen of HK but lacks Donnie's acting skills. Kung **** lovers should love the fighting scenes
  • Last film seen was Ghost Ship, and tomorrow I'm going to see Stan and Ollie and Glass 😁
  • Last film seen was Ghost Ship, and tomorrow I'm going to see Stan and Ollie and Glass 😁

    I like Ghostship. It was memorable.
  • hrDUkHl.jpg

    The Last Kingdom Season Two (2017). Eight episodes of one hour each. I like that it is not lengthy and to the point. A good watch.
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