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    The Last Kingdom Season 3 (2018). This season becomes ten episodes under Netflix. More characters developments were carried out and pace seemed to be slower. Production value was higher though. Still an enjoyable season.
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    Rocky (1976). Finally feel that I have reached a stage to appreciate and understand this frequently recommended film. I have never watched this film in full before except his training sequence with
    the soundtrack and the final fight. This is like the first time I am seeing Slyvester acting so naturally. Quite a good watch with relatable characters. Though the story seems incomplete.
  • 168sean168
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    Rocky II (1979). I was actually moved by a few scenes in this one. Quite good.

    I noted Rocky lived in an apartment unit 1818. Later he lived in 2313. Both are auspicious numbers
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    Rocky III (1982). I feel it is not as good as the last two. But it has a great theme song.
  • 168sean168
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    Rocky IV (1985). I feel this is the worst from what I have seen so far. Feel as if it lacks a soul. Just good for the increased fights scenes.
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    Rocky V (1990). This film has a different formula compared to the rest. I feel the drama and story is better than last two films.
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    Rocky Balboa (2006). I like this. It has good drama and story
  • MrPepsiMax1
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    I watched this again. No matter how many times I see this I still laugh at it. I do love this film
  • 168sean168
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    The Punisher Season 2 (2019). 13 episodes of one HR each. It has numerous good violent driven scenes and triggered binge watching for some episodes but at the same time, it has a lot more episodes that are downright slow that I switched it off for another day. Overall it was above average for me.
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    Take Point (2018) A Korean action film that was executed in real time. This film has more foreigners actors and Koreans are the minority. The dialogue is in English for most part of the film. But I generally has problem understanding the lines of the Korean actor. The dialogues sounded odd and forced. The plot is actually difficult to understand though relevant in the current political climate. Action scenes are plenty but too shaky and most of the time, in a cam format. I fell asleep a couple of times watching this. The fat wrestler who fought with Wolverine in Wolverine Origins is the only foreign actor I recognised. Overall it was not a good watch for me.
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    Kingdom Season 1 (2019) A six episode one hour each, Korean period drama with zombies. Good cinematic production with intriguing storyline and a pacing that is just nice. It could easily trigger a binge watch. Also it has good zombie actions.
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    The Dude in Me (2019) A Korean comedy thriller drama about a switch situation between a gangster business chief and a high school student. A good watch.
  • Last night I watched a movie called The Gift with Jason Bateman and Joel Edgerton. It was a pretty good little thriller about a former classmate who returns and upends a mans life. Worth a watch
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    No Mercy (2019) A Korean action film. It is fast pace and has some violent scenes. The film is good in the painting of villainous characters. But production value is low and a bit exploitative. Overall is an above average watch
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    Austin Powers International Man of Mystery (1997)

    Rewatched this as way back then it was heavily censored on public TV and I was super annoyed and didnt pay attention. A very cute watch.
  • Always a good watch Sean. Are you going to watch the sequels now? :)
    Fear my pointy horn!
  • Rhinomix76 wrote: »
    Always a good watch Sean. Are you going to watch the sequels now? :)

    Yes I will :smile:
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    Close (2019). An average watch for me. In fact quite lacklustre.
  • 168sean168
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    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) Another good watch. I didnt manage to enjoy this film well back in the days due to the censorship. Even the title was almost censored back then.
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    Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002). Rewatched this. A good wrapped up. Exciting cameos.
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