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    The Gifted Season 1 (2017 -2018). 13 episodes one HR each. Generally average to above average with some good moments. It did trigger a binge watch. About mutants set in the X-Men universe.
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    Hell Fest (2018). A very simple straightforward slasher film that is actually quite 'fun'. Most suited for Halloween watching
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    The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018). A first time family friendly film by gore director Eli Roth. It has an epic feel and look but at the same time, not really there yet. Overall it is still an entertaining watch. And once again, Eli's wife is in the movie. Past couple of his films, she was in it too. But they have separated probably after this film.
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Really good, it was a lot funnier than I expected.
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    The Guilty (2018). A Danish film about one despatcher and his call. Not for everyone as this is the kind of film in the category of Phone Booth. It has a great story though.
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    The Umbrella Academy Season 1 (2019) 10 episodes of one hr each. Generally good production value, intriguing storyline and quirky characters. I would say it is a good watch.
  • Just watched the new Queen movie. It was great. And I'm not really a queen fan.
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    4junk3000 wrote: »
    Just watched the new Queen movie. It was great. And I'm not really a queen fan.

    Rami Malek was great. I just wish they had followed the Queen timeline more faithfully.

    Recently I've seen Bohemian Rhapsody, First Man, Can You Ever Forgive Me? and Venom.

    All were good especially Bohemian. First Man and Can You Ever Forgive Me? were a little slow moving but they were worth watching in the end.
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  • 168sean168
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    The Gifted Season 2 (2018 - 2019).

    16 episodes, generally average to above average watch. Quite a wholesome family drama actually. This might be the first superheroes TV series I saw that does not have any gay relationships. Such scenes would be censored on our public TVs.
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    First Man (2018). Generally a good watch for me. The visuals and sound effects are really good and during launch, my floor was vibrating and windows were rattling. A lot of slow drama though, might be disappointing for those looking for action and thrill.
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    The Haunting of Hill House (2018) 10 episodes of one hour each. Every episode is either good or very good. It triggered a binge watching as we want to know what happened there. I got mixed feelings though on the final reveal. One thing good about this drama is that this might be the end of the story. So we know we don't have to worry whether the series would get cancelled without an ending.
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    Prison on Fire (1987). An iconic, classic Hong Kong film starring Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leong. This film is like the reference prison themed films in Hong Kong. A simple plot but with colourful characters. Already rewatched this a few times through the decades. A must watch film for fans of Chow Yun Fat. It has a nice cantopop theme song too.
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    Prison on Fire 2 (1991). Oddly I never knew this film existed. Probably banned on our public TV due to its allegory over the tension between China and Hong Kong then following the 1989 Tiananmen incident. Still a good watch especially for fans of Chow Yun Fat.
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    Alita Battle Angel (2019). Stunning visuals and good action scenes. Though I am let down by the plot as it is unclear and incomplete. I think a background in this manga adaptation would help in the appreciation of the film.
  • 168sean168
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    The Meg (2018). An entertaining watch.
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    Spiderman into the Spider verse (2018). A very good expansive storyline.
  • I saw dragon ball super broly not good but putting the word out
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    I saw dragon ball super broly not good but putting the word out

    I saw the other one with the fight with a rabbit god. I did enjoy that one.
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    Chinese Midnight Express (1997). I didn't know I have watched this before until towards the end. A good prison themed drama from Hong Kong and starring established actor Tong Leung Chiu Wait.
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    Journey to the West : The Demons Strike Back (2017). A sequel to a 2013 film though all the key characters were replaced by other actors. Directed by famous HK director Tsui Hark and produced by the king of comedy Stephen Chow. This film is about the adventures of Monkey God. It is a comedy thriller with non stop CGI effects. It is entertaining almost like a superhero film but not very memorable.
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