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    Hellboy (2019). It looks promising at first but overall the experience is rather bland and average
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    Apocalypse Now Final Cut. Very long film at 3 hrs long. Can tell that it must have been a difficult film to make with the sets used. The chopper attack scene was my favourite scene. The rest of the film is too slow for me and most characters are always in a catatonic state with strange dialogues. Not for mainstream viewing.
  • The Batman (2021)
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    Bring back Robin in 2021
  • Great idea castings for The Batman make them happen Warner bros ! :D


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    Birds of Prey (2020) So yet a third film Starring a clown in the space of 6 months Starring Margot Robbie the trailer is basically the Harley Quinn movie it seems there are similarities to Deadpool and suicide squad and as for the birds of prey well they seem like secondary characters as for the Villain well much more positive as Ewan McGregor plays Black Mask ;) looks like a good Villain maybe the second best character in the film hopefully they'll be a second trailer showing the Birds of Prey.
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    Child's Play (2019) If you've never seen the original well then maybe this is the new original Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill voices Chucky the film pretty much set in the modern day as Chucky is a high tech smart buddi doll so he can hack other buddi dolls and toys not to mention other technology it's nastier more gruesome yet more playful I'd give it 8 / 10 the film just hasn't been promoted very well but it is enjoyable it's not the last that we've seen of high tech Chucky there will be a sequel as there's a hint at the end of the film.
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    Lady Cop and Papa Crook (2008) A HK Chinese crime thriller that aims to be stylish, strange and funny but turns out to be tonally all over the place. From the writers of Infernal Affairs, this film is disappointing. Likely due to interference from Chinese censors that resulted in reshoots and Chinese scenes that are too politically correct and out of place. A director's cuts have been released later which I haven't watched.
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    Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 (2019). 16 episodes. Mixed feelings but particularly disliked the super good Samaritans and the make a documentary for posterity plotlines. Unrealistic in a setting where resources are limited.
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    Circle of Atonement (2015) A Korean crime drama that is quite heavy to watch with themes like dealing with losses and guilt.
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    The Best of Enemies (2019). When I watched this film, I thought it was made in the 80s. So I guess the set production was good for me to feel that way. It has a nice story but it is a film that could easily put you to sleep if you are tired.
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    Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). A lot of monster actions in this film. But storyline is weak and the overall feeling is one of boredom. Watch it for the monster acenes. The first film was better for me.
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    Ne Zha (2019) This Chinese film is a big blockbuster in China and is the best animation they ever produced. Ne Zha is a god from Chinese Folklore. He also battled with Monkey King at some point. The storyline is rich and quite funny and yet also has its touching moments. One of the better animations I have ever watched lately.
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    Fractured (2019) A good and engaging watch.
  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). A lot of monster actions in this film. But storyline is weak and the overall feeling is one of boredom. Watch it for the monster acenes. The first film was better for me.

    Yet there's this coming out next year :/
    Godzilla VS King Kong (2020)
    I think this is the 3rd time we've seen this title the CGI battle scenes will be exciting to watch but it's hard to come up with a storyline involving the humans without repeating the usual saving the world storyline hopefully it should be better than King of the monsters.
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    Dolittle (2020) Starring Robert Downey Jr this seems to be taken from the book and Dr Dolittle had a Welsh accent so I'm glad that Universal and Robert Downey Jr have went original to the book through many people are confused by the trailer as to why Iron Man has a funny English accent it's not it's Welsh which he's good at I'm glad there's now 3 very different portrayals of Dr Dolittle Rex Harrison , Eddie Murphy now Robert Downey Jr sadly the majority who have reacted to the trailer felt empty I thought the choice of song was brilliant What a Wonderful World of course but the trailer doesn't show too much which I like about trailers.
    As for the Cast well who ever done the casting deserves a gold medal what a cast ! Spider-man in it so is Voldemort playing a tiger :Dui2gm4ab27mr.jpeg
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    Hanna (2019). Watchable though not very thrilling as there are more drama than action. Maybe better to be five episodes rather than 8 episodes.
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    The Bad Guys : Reign of Chaos (2019) A Korean film adapted from Korean TV series Bad Guys. It is about Criminals enlisted to fight Criminals. Starring hot Korean actor Ma **** Seok. Above average watch with more actions than dramas
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    Shadow(2018) This is a Chinese Wuxia film by renowned film maker Zhang Yimou. It can be slow at first but it was filmed artistically and beautifully. The payoff will come later in the action and the plot If you enjoyed his past films like Hero and House of Flying Dagger, then you should watch this. A very good watch
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    Semper Fi (2019). An uncompelling plotline for the bulk of the film. The pay off also frizzled out with unexciting actions. However their make up effects were good for a few bloody scenes. Not a good watch for me.
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