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    The Irishman (2019) Starring Robert De Nero , Al Pacino and one half of the wet bandits Joe Pesci it's of course directed by Scorsese it's about Frank Sheeran real story a mob hitman and WWII veteran now a old man he reflects his career as a hitman the impressive part is the de-aging technology De Nero, Pacino and Pesci I hope the film wins an award for special effects I think it's great it's on Netflix.
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    See (2019) Apple TV + Starring Jason Momoa In the distant future, the human race has lost the sense of sight, and society is left to find new ways to interact, build, hunt and survive.
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    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Starring Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger the film is essentially Terminator 3 with James Cameron back as director for the first time since Terminator 2 in 1991 it's probably the best Terminator film since 1991 Dark Fate offers the next chapter and the chapter once before it's a thrilling film it could be the last Terminator film just by the ending but there could be sequels to this film with the younger cast I would give it 9/10.
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    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019). This film returns to form in the style of the first two films. I rate it an above average watch because I don't like a protracted CGI heavy scene in the dark. Too many films are doing CGI scenes in darkness and I cannot see such scenes clearly.


    There is a nice lifesize model at the cinema I watched

    If you want to see the model upclose, you can watch this video I captured

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    The Man in the High Castle. Completed three seasons of 10 episodes each. The fourth season will be coming out in Nov 2019. A highly watchable story driven series. I feel season three slowed down and included unnecessary blatant LGBT but there are still some shocking memorable moments. If you like sci fi and WWII drama, this series has both
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    Pet Sematary (1989). An average watch for me. Feel a tad boring in some scenes
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    Mile 22 (2018). A decent brainless action thriller. Though I feel it has bad editing, making scenes very abrupt. Furthermore the film did not do justice to the martial art artist, Iko Uwais, through the fast abrupt shaky editing of his fight scenes. Maggie from The Walking Dead is in a key role in this film
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    Jack Ryan Season 2 (2019). I fell asleep continuously in this 8 episodes series. It has a few nice action sequences and a lot of slow paced drama and a sudden fast pace ending.
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    Kingdom (2019) A Japanese film based on a Manga. The fictitious story is based on real characters during the warring state period in China involving the Qin Emperor. A film that is clearly targeted at young people. An above average watch. No dull moments.
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    Daybreak (2019) 10 episodes. Dislike most of the starting episodes and nearly quit the show. But later a few episodes are actually quite interesting. The whole series is begging the audience not to take the show seriously though. The show is set in a universe with zombies and Mad Max people. I was also uncomfortably with the LGBT in it. I did enjoy the scenes with Matthew Broderick. Overall it is an average watch for me but teenagers might like it.
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    Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014). A fun family friendly watch. And it is nice to see Robin Williams again
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    Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014). A fun family friendly watch. And it is nice to see Robin Williams again

    Mork out.
    Nannoo nannoo.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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    The Battle of Jangsari (2019). A Korean war film based on real events. 700 + South Korean students who received little training sent on a covert mission during the Korean war. It has some decent war scenes. Megan Fox is in it and this is the first time I see her in a serious acting role. George Ead of CSI, the guy who played Nick Is in it too. But overall the focus is on the Korean students. A above average watch
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    Black Water (2018). An average B grade film with bad acting.
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    Half Light (2006). This film did draw me in with its mysterious storyline.
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    Bullet in the Head (1990). One of the most emotionally intense film from John Woo. It was originally meant to be a prequel to A Better Tomorrow but Tsui Hark and him fell out with Tsui Hark making the official prequel as A Better Tomorrow 3.

    Between A Better Tomorrow 3 and Bullet in the Head, I feel that the latter is a better film. Both are set in the midst of Vietnam war. I especially like Jacky Cheung's intense acting is this film. This film is a masterpiece from HK golden era of films. If you like John Woo style or the movie The Deer Hunter, then this film shouldn't be missed. I actually like this film more than Deer Hunter. This is a rewatch for me after I saw Jacky Cheung's scene and remembered it.
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    The Man in the High Castle Season 4 (2019). Final season of 10 episodes. Frankly I am rather disappointed with the season. It was like a rushed ending and yet still took their own sweet time to introduce new characters and scenarios in the beginning. They should have stuck to the characters in the previous seasons and develop from there. Kinda reminded me of the lacklustre ending of Fringe final season
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    A Witness Out of the Blue (2019) A competently made HK film with attention to small details including the colours. Storyline is also interesting with multi dimensional characters. Though I did predict the ending easily, since Chinese guidelines need to be followed.
  • Frozen II is out now. This is a clip of life sized figures I saw at Toys R Us

  • 168sean168 wrote: »
    Frozen II is out now. This is a clip of life sized figures I saw at Toys R Us


    I would like to see it, the first one was good, (wouldn't have seen it if it were not for the younger relatives), I still think they missed out on a joke by not calling it 2 Frozen though.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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