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    Robin Hood (2010). It has big scale battle scenes though a bulk of the film was quite boring that I even lost track of the plot for not paying attention. Maybe one day may rewatch it.
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    Ashfall (2019) A Korean disaster film about erupting volcano. A decent action flick with some top male actors under one roof. It would have been pretty good if they had bigger budget.
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    Young and Dangerous (1996). The Chinese title means Gangsters : Life on the Street. A HK film that spun many sequels. The theme is about triads in Hong Kong. Amazingly I have not watched any of these films before. Likely because our public TV has never shown it due to its unhealthy theme. During the release in our cinemas, they also amended the plot to meet our censor's requirements. Production value is not very good, typical of HK films from that era. In fact I suspect the film might have been sponsored by the triads. Typical gangster film with themes on brotherhood and betrayals.

    The cover of the LD released for Singapore and Malaysia, noticed that all the weapons had been erased away and the title was changed into A New Police Story : Life on the Streets. Also the role of the key gangster was actually an undercover. In the end justice was served for the other gangsters.
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    Young and Dangerous 2 (1996). Chinese title means Gangsters : Fierce Dragon Crossed the River. This sequel is a marked improvement over the original with a good story. The director of this series was later famous for the Infernal Affairs films, which was adapted into the Hollywood film The Departed. Some scenes were based in Taiwan.
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    The Intruder (2019) I enjoyed this, because of the good acting of Dennis Quaid
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    Kung 🎃🎃🎃🎃 Fighter (2007) A film that tried to emulate the success of Stephen Chow's Kung 🎃🎃🎃🎃 Hustle. In fact, it has many of the actors that appeared in the hustle film. The film is ruined by a bad storyline but is still watchable for its various action sequences. It has a young Max Zhang too, a martial art actor.
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    Young and Dangerous 3 (1996). The Chinese title has a meaning about using one finger to block the sky. Sort of describing an overly ambitious person who wanted to deceive everyone with one finger. This episode gets quite personal in the story. Some scenes were shot in Amsterdam.
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    Young and Dangerous 4 (1997) Chinese title of this HK film literally means 97 Gangster, there will be a winner in a battle. 97 probably was making use of the profile of handling over to China for that year. This is first film that need not be modified for Singapore market after Singapore relaxed its censorship. This film also started to have direct anti gangsters themes as there was a trend of youngsters having great interest to join the triads due to this series.

    Storyline of this film was not as good. Some scenes were shot in Thailand.
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    Young and Dangerous V (1998). The Chinese title is 98 Gangster, feuds between the tiger and dragon. This is the first film in the series after 1997 handover. The vibes of this film was very different. There were little violence and in fact I didn't see any knife or machete appeared. There was a sudden coverage of police previously not seen. This film also focused more on business scams. The story for this film featured Malaysia.
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    Born to be King (2000) aka Young and Dangerous 6, Chinese title is The Winner will be the King. This is the last film in this series. Though this series kicked off other prequels and spin-offs. Good storyline involving triads from Japan, Taiwan and HK. There was a storyline of a key character strangely marrying a different girl which I learned that I need to catch his story spin off film to know why.

    This series like to bring back the actors from dead characters and put them in new characters. I guessed the producers feel that the audience like these actors and they need to reappear.

    Overall this series is an important one for those interested in the HK film industry. Most of the films are nice. It also kicked off the acting careers of some of the actors.
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    Those Were the Days (2000). A spin off from the Young and Dangerous series that focused on the story of the second lead character known as Mountain Chicken. This film can be inserted in between film 5 & 6 of the series. This character was the most colourful character in the series and in fact may have stolen the limelight from the long haired lead character.
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    Birds of Prey (2020) A small simple film that you could switch off your mind. Fairly entertaining but I think it is targeted at young ladies.
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    IT Chapter 2 (2019) Very long run time of 2 hrs 49 mins. Feels more like a fantasy rather than horror. In many scenes it was actually quite comical. Overall still above average.
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    Toy Story 4 (2019) A good watch with some creepy toys.
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    Last night I watch Money Heist. nice movie
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    Pet Sematary 2 (1992). An average watchm. First one better. The terminator 2 boy is in it.
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    Pet Sematary (2019) Above average. Though the old one gave me more emotions. This one is devoid of it.
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    Blinded by the Light (2019) Above average. Fans of Bruce Springsteen should like it. It did have some other 80s songs too.
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    Polar (2019). A good watch with bloody visceral scenes. Though the subplot slows the pacing
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    Midway (2019) Nice war film though CGI is not very good. I know I am watching CGI. Pearl Harbour looks better than this. It is a much better film than Independence Day Resurgence though.
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