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    The 12th Man (2017) A Norwegian film. Well shot with nice scenes of ice mountains. A nice survival drama though can be a tad boring.
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    The Thin Red Line (1998).

    I put off watching this film as I think I might not appreciate it when I was younger. Also I think my TV station has never shown it before.

    After watching this for a while, I am reminded of another film, The Tree of Life, one of the most boring film I ever watched. I checked and indeed it was by the same person! He liked to make the characters ruminate in esoteric, philosophical monologues that were too obscure for me.

    The war sequence was ferocious and nice though. The film was also so star studded! But anytime I could rewatch Saving Private Ryan, but I am not sure if I would rewatch this 2hr 50 mins show again. Overall it was still a good one time watch. See how it goes in the future.
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    The Woman in Black (2012). I like the grim Victorian production set. But overall not a scary film with a few annoying jump scares
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    Extraction (2020) An awesome film for its action scenes. At one point I need to sit up as I couldn't breathe from its unrelenting long shot. Story wise I feel is quite far fetched. A Good watch.
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    Nightcrawler (2014) Very intriguing and original storyline that held you in suspense. A good watch
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    Keanu (2016). Very entertaining and I actually broke out in laughter a few times. I have not laughed since Stephen Chow's films. Also, I like George Michael's songs and they were featured in this film.
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    Murder on the Orient Express (2017). Opulent production set. A lot of characters and it would be better to have subtitles on to know what was going on as the final reveal happened so fast. An above average watch. Interestingly I mistook Star Wars Rey for Keira Knightley throughout the film.
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    Monsters (2010). A very boring watch unless you are looking for a love drama. Also the monsters cannot be seen clearly and always appear in the dark. The film is produced on a shoestring budget though and it is interesting to see what the director could come out with. The director later went on to make Godzilla and Star Wars Rogue One.
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    Horror Stories (2012). Four horror stories amid an overarching plot. A very well made Korean horror film
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    The Battle: Roar to Victory(2019). I watched this a few months back but forgot about it as I didn't know what was the English title then. A good watch about Korean independent fighters against Japanese.
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    Horror Stories 2 (2013). Three Korean stories inside a main story. I don't like the first two stories as the scenes were too dark and I couldn't see clearly. But the third story was really funny, like a dark comedy.
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    A Company Man (2012) I have not written about this Korean film before as I watched it much earlier. I unintentionally rewatched this again and only realised it during the ferocious action scene towards the end. This is a very good watch with drama and action.
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    Spy Girl (2004). A light hearted Korean love comedy with a simple story. A delight to watch and there is a super pretty actress in it. The handsome actor was in Train to Busan later.

    The actress from the film. Too cute.

    This film can be found in YouTube with English subtitles.
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    Ever seen this one Sean? It's quite good with action from start to finish. Very violent and explicit though
    Fear my pointy horn!
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    168sean168 wrote: »

    The Night Comes For Us (2018) An Indonesian film but has dialogues also in English and Chinese and even a vulgarity in Chinese dialect. A very good watch. Bloody and violent. Plot a bit confusing though. If you like The Raid then this one is a must watch

    @Rhinomix76 yes indeed I had. It was a must watch for action film !
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    Portland Street Blues (1998). This is a spin off HK film from the Young and the Dangerous series. It tells the origin story of a female triad head. The film has good dramas on love, relationship both straight and lesbians, betrayals, the tribulations of a girl to get to her position in the triad. The lead actress was well known for her slap stick comedic roles and this film was really a break out role for her. In fact in HK, this film won awards for both best actress and best supporting actress. This film is not big on action and violence but is good for its drama. Although it is a film led by ladies, they didn't explicitly make it into a feminist theme film.
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    Black Lighting Season 3 (2019 - 2020). In the CW DC shows I like this the most. It is more serious and matured. 16 episodes with a good ending without cliffhanger.
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    Mr. Robot S4 (2019). 13 episodes. Watching this series evoked various emotions, many of which were depressing. The plot was quite complex and convoluted. Some episodes were good and intense. The final season was still well made, and was not executed in haste. I did fall asleep in the final moments. Overall still a drama worth checking out.
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    Commitment (2013) This is a rewatch for me as the movie station decided to screen this. This is a spy film that was set at a time when the North Korean leader was seriously ill and caused a power struggle, setting off events in the South. I guess the background is apt in the current situation in North Korea.

    Very nice watch. The young actor is a Korean rapper
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    Fists of Legend (2013) A Korean MMA sport drama. A nice watch with a good story. A rewatch for me
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