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    Hard Kill (2020). This film has a bad plot, bad screenplay, bad acting, weak actions and I fell asleep multiple times. This is my worst film of the year to date
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    Tenet (2020) innovative storyline and action sequences. Sound effects and soundtrack are really good and really have to watch it in a theatre with good sound system. I did have an headache in the end trying my best to understand the plot. Furthermore there were only Chinese subtitles in the screening and exacerbated my understanding of the film. A good watch.

    Edit: Local news on 9 SEP 2020

    Moviegoers in Singapore can now watch Tenet with English subtitles.

    This is good news for fans planning to watch (either again or for the first time) Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi spectacle, which got a lot of flak for its deliberately blaring sound mix which obscures some of the dialogue, making an already confusing movie even more confusing.

    Tenet, which opened here on Aug 27, was previously screened with only Chinese subtitles. At press time, Golden Village has included sessions with the English subtitles at its VivoCity and Plaza locations.

    Indie exhibitor The Projector will start showing the English subtitled-version starting from Thursday (Sept 10). We hear Cathay Cineplexes will also carry that option as well.

    Read more at https://www.8days.sg/seeanddo/moviereviews/watch-tenet-again-this-time-with-english-subtitles-13093660
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    Mulan (2020). I have not watched the animation before but I know about this ancient Chinese tale of the character, Hua Mulan.

    In Chinese the name means Flower Wood Orchids. In hokkien, Lan means groin and is a frequent term used when scolding people or giving an exclamation here. Instead of saying Oh my god, the people in my country tends to say Wah Lan A, meaning oh my groin! The term Mulan was frequently used as a joking term during the era of the animation, as it sort of means a wooden groin.

    This is a beautiful looking film. The action sequences are nice too. Scenes are generally cinematic and deserved to be watched on the big screen. It feels really strange to see Asian characters set in China speaking English. In old martial art films dubbed into English, the end result was always very comedic. Luckily it was pretty alright in this film, though it felt strange.

    Also for a film with war scenes, it felt strange not to see any blood.

    Overall it was still a good watch for me.
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    I See You (2019). I fell asleep initially watching this. But it got really good later and in fact overall is a good watch. And it has a scary looking Helen Hunt which I didn't know and couldn't recognise.
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    Da 5 Bloods (2020). Watching this film is a struggle. It took me three sittings to get through the first half of the film as it was so boring. But I persevered as it seemed to be an important film and it has the late Chadwick Boseman. The film has nice sceneries though many dialogues were quite mundane and yet hard to understand. Throughout the film we would be educated on the issues faced by blacks. There were a couple of good moments but then I fell asleep in many scenes. Overall my feeling for this film is very mixed. Probably an average watch for entertainment value. Though I would feel sad whenever I saw Chadwick.
  • Yeah, I only watched about 40 minutes of Da 5 Bloods. Couldn't take it.
  • Yeah, I only watched about 40 minutes of Da 5 Bloods. Couldn't take it.

    It suddenly gets better around the half point mark. If we deleted the first half and just have the second half, I would rate it a above average watch
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    Frequency (2000). Caught a bit of this long long time ago on cable and has always wanted to watch it. Indeed a good watch.
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    Deliver Us From Evil (2020) A Korean crime action thriller. This might be the best action film coming out of Korea in 2020. Contained quite violent fighting scenes. A good watch
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    The Babysitter (2017)
    The Babysitter : Killer Queen (2020)

    A very fun and gory watch. Though the first one was the better one. Thanks to @0Brooders0 for the recommendation!
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    Nameless Gangster : Rules of the Time (2012) aka War on Crime: The Golden Age of the Bad Guys

    An epic Korean film of the mobster genre inspired by real situations in the 80s and 90s of Busan. Many top Korean actors are in it. A film that should be in the list of top Korean gangster films. Above average watch.
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    Child's Play (2019). Quite a different film compared to the original. A fun watch
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    Sky high (2005). Rewatched this very entertaining family friendly film. This film is memorable to me as I watched with a crazy girl that I met for the first time. She placed her leg on my thigh and also grabbed my hands.

    Just recognise a young Killer Frost from CW's Flash

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    Last last weekend, I watched 9, Johnny English Strikes Again and The Break Up on Netflix. The last 2 days, I watched Over the Hedge on TV and the new Mulan on Disney+. The last movie I watched I saw at the cinema was Birds of Prey at the end of February.
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    Batwoman (2019) A twenty episode drama. Started watching it due to the crossover event of Crisis on infinite Earths. I don't really like the drama. The characters don't have chemistry with one another and they like to promote awkward relationships in the series. This is my most hated CW superhero series.
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    Lucifer Season 1 2016 13 episodes

    Season 2 2016 18 episodes

    Season 3 2017 26 episodes. Last two episodes were quite generic and was made for season 4. The series was actually cancelled at this point.

    Season 4 2019 10 episodes. Series picked up by Netflix to continue

    Season 5 2020 8 episodes Part one.

    This drama was actually uplifting with good advice dispensed frequently. I thought it would be quite evil and decadent before watching but it was quite the opposite. A very positive show and quite funny. Towards end of season 3, it actually made my eyes wet, a first time from watching a English tv drama. The vibes of season 4 and 5 was almost like a Korean drama. The acting of Lucifer was a big draw as the character was so charming and funny

    Overall a good watch, I believe it was @Castiel19x that recommended this time.
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    Enola Holmes (2020). Good quality production. Generally entertaining though getting weary of Netflix's educations on feminism in their shows. The film seemed to be targeted at teenage girls.
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    The Devil all the Time (2020). A tad slow at first but overall a good watch. I always couldn't recognise The winter soldier actor, Sebastian Stan.
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    Drug Lord (2018) A colourful epic Korean film set in the 70s. The storyline was inspired by the situations going on at the time.
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    The Walking Dead Season 10 (2019). After waiting for six months due to COVID-19, finally gets to see episode 16, the finale for the season. Yeah!
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