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    Escape from Planet of the Apes (1971). A good watch with an engaging storyline.
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    The Strain S1 (2014) 13 Eps

    S2 (2015) 13 Eps

    S3 (2016) 10 Eps

    S4 (2017) 10 Eps

    Good monster effects and plot moves along pretty fast and easy to understand. Characters tend to be one dimensional and not as developed as The Walking Dead characters. Though The Walking Dead has a lot of boring scenes.

    Previously stopped at S2. And need to rewatch all over again as I have forgotten the plot.

    Overall a good watch.
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    Just got around to watching this film on Netflix about a man trying to rescue his sister from a cult. A good watch I thought.
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    The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018). A very pretty film with lots of colours and big sets. Story is average. I don't like the choice of the Princess and the ballarina though. At first I thought I am looking at a transgender ballarina. Very big frame and muscular.

    Overall an above average watch due to the effects and the colours.
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    Johnny English Strikes Again (2018). Watched this a second time at my community hub. Quite an enjoyable comedy.
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    Rear Window (1954). Very magnificent looking set of the building in view from the rear window. I like how the film put me into the shoes of a peeping tom. Good suspense moments as the plot unfolds. The run time is quite long though, with some spent on comedic romancing. I like the English used in the old days. Easier to decipher. Grace Kelly is so pretty. Felt a bit down that everyone in the film is no longer around, I think.
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    Electric Dreams (1984). Never watched this film before although Together in Electric Dream is one of my favourite songs. This film is like a long MTV and I need to suspend my understanding of how technology works as I watched. Virginia is so pretty when young, though she is still attractive in Designated Survivor drama.

    Overall a good watch due to the nice songs in it and a feel good song finale.
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    A sequel to "The Shinning" :) starring a grown up Danny Torrance as he encounters other people who "shine". A well made and enjoyable movie imo though it was a bit too long
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    The Great Gatsby (2013) A colourful film with opulence and grandeur. Story line is like a literature from my school days. A lot of obvious use of CGI. Choice of modern songs was a bit strange though. Overall a good watch.
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    The Fly (1958). Engaging film with a few eerie disturbing moments.

    A good watch
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    Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    Back in September 2018, I posted this "This is the first Star Wars film that I didnt watch in theatre because I didn't like The Last Jedi and I am not particularly excited about an origin story about that character, after seeing what they did to him in The Force Awakens. After watching it, it was the correct decision. I was not very engaged and I fell asleep a few times in the middle, as the film is very dark, literally dark. Movies that are badly lit and with actions that I could not see clearly tends to put me to sleep. I actually prefer Gods of Egypt to this. It is an average watch for me."

    I decided to rewatch it again when my community hub screened it, as I wondered if I was tired in the first watch. Generally, it is watchable though I confirm that I find the second half rather boring and the space sequence was really quite dark
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    Bumblebee (2018). Rewatched this a third time at the last free screening at my community hub on Xmas day. Still really like the show.
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    Supernatural Season 15 (2019). Twenty episodes. The series really took their time in the last episode to give a final meaningful farewell to the fans.

    The lead actors thanking the audience.for the support over the last 15 years.

    Overall a good fun series.
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    Wonder Woman 1984 (2020). I do not quite understand the framework of the villain so I was not very invested in the film as I watched. But to see Gal Gadot in action helps to ameliorate the situation. So for this I will give this a 3.5 out of 5
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    Everest (2015). I never plan to watch this but my community hub showed it. Never like the idea of rich climbers spending so much money to get themselves into trouble. Guess half the audience shared the same thinking as me as they were looking at the handphone in supposedly sad scenes.

    Nevertheless, the film is quite watchable with big names in it. And I got a better understanding of the set up to climb the mountain and the cost involved.
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    3:10 to Yuma (2007). A good western with good acting and actions.
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    Once Upon a Time in Vietnam (2013). This film is a big deal coming from Vietnam and it is the first film with a fantasy storyline. Production value is high. It has a western vibes to it.

    I watched this film due to beautiful Veronica Ngo, who I first noticed in Star Wars The Last Jedi. Her screen time in SW was minuscule and we were treated to her fat, short and ugly sister, Rose Tico instead.

    The costumes of Veronica are awesome as seen in my capture. The action scenes are generally above average.

    But there are a lot of long winded unnecessary drama in the film that actually makes it quite boring frequently. Due to this, this film is an average watch.

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    Alice in Borderland (2020). An eight episode Japanese drama based off a Manga. It has vibes of Gantz, Battle Royale, Saw in it but not as intense. Generally a good drama
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    Sweet Home (2020) A 10 episodes Korean horror thriller based off a webtoon. Some scenes are really scary.

    A very good watch
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    The Midnight Sky (2020). This is a rather slow, boring film and yet with a storyline that is not straight forward. There is a nice space sequence though, which was also the point I fell asleep.

    Overall, an average watch
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