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    Joker (2019). Rewatched this at my community hub. Excellent acting by the actor portraying Joker.

  • 168sean168
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    Mulan (2020). Being rewatching quite a bit of Mulan here at my hub.

    LMtQS7F.jpg Watching at smaller screen

    O74CdRo.jpg Watching at bigger screen.

    One thing that always bugs me is Mulan face was always dirty as a guy but when she let her hair down, her face suddenly cleaned up with make up.

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    Kung **** Hustle (2004). This HK film is so good that it might be my most watched film. This is probably the sixth time I watched this. It is a comedy, action drama.

    It is also the second last good film by comedy king Stephen Chow.

    Lead role played by Stephen Chow

    The female lead of the film. Whenever she appeared, coupled with the touching soundtrack, my eyes would go wet.

    Beautiful set. Looks like Old Shanghai

    The film schedules at our community hub last week.
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    IP Man 3 (2015). The IP Man series is the most watchable HK action movies in the current era under China's licensing. Many other HK films now are rather bad as they are made in accordance to the Beijing's guidelines.

    This might be the third time I watched this.

    Mike Tyson was heavily marketed for this film.

    A breaking the fourth wall moment.

    Showdown between Donnie and Mike.

    A Bruce Lee moment.

    IP Man dancing Cha Cha

    A tear jerking emotional moment.

    IP Man playing the wooden dummy as the sun sets

    A nice cinematography of orange and blue colours.

    Showdown with Max Zhang, another up and rising HK martial artist actor.

    Nice set and cinematography of blue and orange again.

  • 168sean168
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    IP Man 2 (2010). Rewatching this nice HK action drama at my community hub. Maybe the third time I watched this.

    A nice old Street set up with a lactogen product ad banner.

    Donnie Yen as IP Man.

    One of the best moment in the film, dueling on top of an unstable roundtable. Flying high in the sky was Sammo Hung.

    A staring tense moment between Donnie and Sammo.

    A show down between English Boxer and Sammo

    A typical villainous looking HK police chief. He reminded me of General Percival, the defender of Singapore in WW2.

    Donnie playing with his wooden dummy again.


    I just found out that this shirtless English actor has passed away in 2015 in his sleep due to artery sclerosis

    A Bruce Lee moment

    IP Man having an amusing musing moment.

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    Master Z : The IP Man Legacy (2018) . This film story falls in the universe of Donnie's Yen IP Man series. It is a spin off of a character from IP Man three. The lead is played Max Zhang, a martial artist actor who is starting to have his own films. This is a rewatch for me. This film can be placed between IP Man 3 & 4

    A nice street scene with old bus.

    Max gave a formidable flying kick.

    Tony Jaa. He was so good in his Ong Bak films but was only given very small roles in HK and Hollywood films. I am thinking it might be a language issue.

    Another formidable HK martial artist Xing Yu. So far, he was never given any big roles. He has long training in Shaolin before and had appeared in films like Kung **** Hustle and Flashpoint. Age is catching up on him though. He actually appeared in IP Man as another character.

    Michelle Yeoh and Max Zhang. Michelle was famous for her role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. She was also a bond girl opposite Pierce Brosnan. She is a gem from Malaysia.

    The obligatory villainous HK police.

    Tense moment between Max and Dave Bautista of Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Enjoying congee and a Chinese fried dough fritters. The fritters is a popular breakfast food for Chinese here too long time ago. It splits into two parts. It has an origin related to a corrupt official and his wife where people imagined that this couple was being fried in oil. They caused the wrongful execution of a loyal general, YueFei.

    I also like the nice set of the living room.

    Max Zhang and son training on the wooden dummy.

    The movie schedules for this week at my community hub.
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  • mvw9hsdulimr.jpeg

    Official Trailer
    Godzilla vs Kong (2021) Starring Alexander Skarsgård and Millie Bobby Brown
    The epic next chapter in the cinematic Monsterverse pits two of the greatest icons in motion picture history against one another - the fearsome Godzilla and the mighty Kong - with humanity caught in the balance.

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    Zack Snyder’s Justice League Starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher and Jared Leto 🤡 who’s got a new appearance as The Joker

    From This 👎re7eqkc0lsx8.jpeg

    To This 👍v5dcrt6tg9gx.jpeg

    Zack Snyder’s Justice League Release Date is 18 March 2021
  • johncolombo
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    It just happened to be on so I watched it. It's really not that good but it's not horrible. It was fun to revisit the concept as it's pretty much exactly like the first movie minus the danger and humor.
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    Cruella (2021) Starring Emma Stone, Emma Thompson and Mark Strong now there’s been similarities with the film being an origin story about Cruella with people saying Disney are copying Joker 2019 and Harley Quinn Though I don’t know the tone of the film though Glenn Close gave everybody nightmares in 101 Dalmatians (1996) and the sequel 102 Dalmatians (2000) we’ll get a different adaptation from Emma Stone basically more emotion and I don’t really see from the trailer if it’s appealing to children even though it’s a Disney film we know that Disney have run out of ideas in making new films in the last couple of years Live-action Reboots some were bad others ok now they’ll be doing prequel origin movies of Disney Villains depending on the success of Cruella.
  • 168sean168
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    IP Man (2008). A very good watch. Watched this maybe fourth time. This time at Auntie house on the first day of Chinese New Year. My cousin said that Chinese New year needs to watch Chinese film.

    In front of the TV are some CNY snacks.

    IP Man using the feather duster to teach his opponent a lesson in humility.

    The very iconic I want to fight 10 of you scene.

    Japanese imperial army general, the villain of the film.

    Donnie Yen still uses stuntman in some scenes like this one.
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    The Legend of Tarzan (2016). High production value with big names in the supporting cast. Though I do not know the actor who played the lead role. Overall, it was a sustained boring show. There was also not a single scene of tarzan in a loincloth holding a half naked, sweaty, dirty Jane swinging around the jungle and crying oh yee oh yee oh..

    I watched this at my community hub
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    Flash point (2007). This HK crime action drama is really good for its brutal fighting sequences. This might be the fourth time I watched. It was also the first film that I started to notice Fang bingbing, a beautiful Chinese actress. She is now not doing too well after being made disappeared for some time by the CCP and later needed to give public apology for her tax evasion charges.

    I watched this film at my community hub.

    Other good films by this director includes Kill Zone (SPL), Dragon Tiger Gate and the IP Man series.

    Our hub's schedule for the films.
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    A sci fi military movie with good action and FX. A good watch!
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    Power Rangers (2017). I actually like this film the first time I watched it. But the rewatch wasn't so enjoyable as the origin storyline took too long to set up.

    The action sequences towards the end is good though.

    Breaking Bad guy

    Power Rangers emerging in style.


    Kinda like Transformer.
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    Escape from Pretoria (2020). Many tense moment and I could see the audience leaning forward during my watch at the community hub. I did fall asleep in the middle though, probably my fault for being so tired. Story is very straight forward.

    Drama is based on real events


    The movies screened last week
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    Finished this Marvel limited series. I really enjoyed it. It was clever and very unique. The early episodes reminded me a lot of all the old sitcoms I watched as a kid. I'm now looking forward to the next limited series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier which I believe starts next week.
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    The Last Samurai (2003). A very good entertaining watch. This is a rewatch for me. Last time watched the censored version on my small 20 inch TV. Now watched it at the community hub.

    He reminded me of Joe Biden

    The movie schedule for the week
  • 168sean168
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    The Walk (2015). Not much of a storyline. Main highlights is to see how they set up the tightrope and the walk itself. Overall an interesting above average watch.

    A scene to appease the Chinese market?

    Beautiful CGI towers. I had a one third day trip there long ago and was fortunate to go up to the roof.
  • rmy5hC2.jpg

    Terminator Salvation (2009). I think this is the fourth time I watched this. I find it entertaining. This round I watched at my community hub and it was the first time I found out that we were shown censored versions of films at the public screening. A scene of partial nudity of a lady was cut out. Though all the important parts cannot be seen as I have seen the complete version before.
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