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  • 168sean168 wrote: »
    Warrior (2011). Good acting especially from Nick. Background story is quite low key but personal. Overall an above average watch. Though i think story felt a bit incomplete

    I thought Warrior was excellent. Very underrated film imo. Good acting by all involved.
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  • 168sean168
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    Onward (2020). A delightful animation. I sort of guessed correctly that the lead is Tom Holland. But I wasn't aware that the other actor is Chris Pratt

    This film is nominated for animation award in the 2021 academy awards
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  • XgGrjQ8.jpg

    I am Legend (2007). I watched this film quite a few times. Generally like it in the past. And even dug out the alternative ending. In my latest viewing I dont like it as much as before. A few uncles also walked off from the community screening. Probably the one man show for most part of the film was a bit boring and the zombie effects look quite bad.
  • 168sean168
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    Monster Hunter (2020). Some good monster sequences. Good to see Milla Jovovich again. And I think Tony Jaa, for the first time, has the most number of scenes in a Hollywood film. But the storyline and dialogue are quite bad. Totally not engaged. It is worst than any of the resident evil films by the same director.
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  • 168sean168
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    WW 84 Wonder Woman (1984). Wonder Woman 84 finally made its debut at my community hub a few days ago. It is a rewatch for me but I still anticipated it.

    This is my favourite scene in the film, with Wonder Woman running towards me to protect me and looking so pretty.

    A downtrodden Wonder Woman and yet still looking very hot.

    This wonder woman looks a bit CGI enhanced.

    Wonder Woman Blu-ray on sale at a shop in the airport. I went to the airport for no good reason. But nice to see the waterfall vortex again and to have a closer look at the shops there as the place was crowded in normal pre covid days.

    This artwork in the film caught my eye as it is in the same style as the ones I saw in Singapore.

    euvWJsN.jpg A set of six brushstrokes (name of the artwork ) is in display at Millenia Walk of Singapore. If the artwork existed in 1984, the artist must be very old by now. I checked and realised that he had passed away in 1997. His name is Roy Lichtenstein, a renowned pop art artist.

    Actually WW84 is not a very good watch for me due to its rather bad storyline and strange villain. But seeing wonder woman in action is nice.
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  • zf5gwwkkro6x.jpg

    You had me at Wonder Woman Sean. Mmmmm, Wonder Woman :)
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  • Haha.. I really like this picture of homer.. I used it once in another pet forum before to make fun of someone talking about nice and solid poop
  • 168sean168
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    Better Days (2019). A Chinese film by a native HK director, Derek Tsang. In fact he was a former not so famous HK actor and son of Eric Tsang, a well known comedic and drama HK actor. Eric was fairly known for his role as a triad head in Infernal Affairs, a role played by Jack Nicholson in The Departed.

    Zhang Dongyu plays the lead role in this film. She is supposedly a hugely popular Chinese actress these recent years though i first saw her in Under the Hawthorn Tree.

    At the start of the film, she was teaching an English class the difference between this was my playground and this used to be my playground. The difference is supposed to be thought provoking at the end of the film.

    She has a small build and could also play a 12th grader.

    A bad boy is always a good addition to a storyline.

    The central theme of this film is about bullying. This is the face of a bullied victim.

    Eating Chinese hotpot makes an appearance. Actually this is not really a common local thing for Singapore Chinese. But there are many such food stalls now catering to the new wave of Chinese in the past decade.

    The Pre University examination is the backdrop of the story. And the film depicted it as it is - Regimental, systematic and cold. The school specialised in getting the students prepared for the examination. Gaining entry into a top University was supposedly a ticket to better life.

    So who is not smiling in the class photo?

    Teachers guiding the students with motivational cheers to do well in the extremely important examination.

    A mean girl - Chinese style

    The scary pre university exam in progress.

    Award winning performance by the actress.

    This film has already won many awards in HK, China and including one based in Italy. It is currently in the nomination for best international film in the 93rd Academy Awards.

    This is a big deal for HK as there wasn't any HK films nominated in the past three decades and this is the first time a film by a native HK director is in the running.

    In early 2019, just before the film can be screened in a Berlin film festival, the Chinese government pulled out the film and subjected it to edit and censorship. When it was finally released in late 2019, it was a box office success and received positive review.

    The film is a good watch and can be very emotional. Most scenes looked dirty and common. The pre university exam also doesn't look very positive. And there were some violent scenes. Quite uncommon for such film to come out of China. No wonder it's Government was alarmed enough to pull out the film for review.

    I myself was being bullied in my primary school by both students and teachers. I was asked to stand, slapped, whacked on the **** by a wooden ring by different teachers, all for offences that were not my faults.
    They were outcomes due to bullying by my classmates. I was not good with words and could not defend myself to the teachers. In the current system, teachers are no longer allowed to touch the students. If formal punishments are required, only the principal or the disciplinary master could cane the students on the ****.
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  • 1kotp2a9wwxh.jpg

    Was a bit disappointed in this reboot based on the classic video game. After a very promising opening sequence, it devolved into a standard action film we've seen a million times before. Didn't care much for most of the actors or their performances but the action sequences were quite enjoyable. I guess overall it was okay but I was just expecting more from it.
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  • Oh no @Rhinomix76 , I was expecting a lot from this film too. I like the first Mortal Kombat, especially it's theme song. I got its CD and another CD of the single with various remixes.
  • lWIPAVv.jpg

    Sonic the hedgehog (2020) A few funny moments. But overall an average watch. Jim Carrey is still doing his over the top slapstick performance here.
  • Xcz6KyU.jpg

    Nobody (2021). I never expect this actor from Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman character, becoming an action star. This film although is low budget, is a lot of fun with visceral violent scenes. In fact I like this film more than the first John Wick. A good watch.
  • 168sean168
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    The Marksman (2021). A run of the mill action thriller. It was filled with many slow drama scenes that were not touching. This might be one of the least exciting action drama coming from him, also probably an age related thing. Action scenes were quite normal. Just an average watch and overly long.
  • 168sean168
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    Little Q (2019). A HK drama film about the life of a guide dog for the blind

    Charlie Yeung, used to be a very cute actress but left the industry at her peak for a relationship but later returned again.

    Simon Yam. One of the most prolific HK actor, appearing in countless films, many triad and cops related. This film was good due to his good acting as a despondent blind man.

    The guide dog. Multiple dogs were used to portray her.

    Tony Liu, a very veteran actor. A disciple of Bruce Lee and appeared in a few of his films. He is proned to domestic violence and nearly killed his first wife in Taiwan with disfigurement. He escaped to Hong Kong and managed not to be prosecuted due to the absence of extradition arrangement. The first wife, an actress has her own tragic story after that. Tony Liu had two other marriages and both ended in failure.

    He has a guest appearance in this film.

    Tai Liang Chun. Tony Liu's first wife. She was also abused in her second marriage. In her third marriage, the husband was murdered by the second ex husband.

    Gigi Leung, a cute and adorable actress in her younger days

    Overall this film is an above average watch and can be emotional in some parts. Dog lovers should like it.
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  • 168sean168
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    Without Remorse (2021). A thriller in the vibes of Clear and Present Danger. Overall it was alright. Probably slightly better than average. I need to go somewhere to read up on the plot line as it wasn't that clear for me.
  • rursaf6fk8x7.jpg

    Updated version of the classic story. Quite surprised at how good the film was considering how many times this story has been told. Two horns up!
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  • 168sean168
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    Rhinomix76 wrote: »

    Updated version of the classic story. Quite surprised at how good the film was considering how many times this story has been told. Two horns up!

    Yes it was a good thriller. But I always wonder how he got such superhuman strength
  • Rhinomix76
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    168sean168 wrote: »
    Rhinomix76 wrote: »

    Updated version of the classic story. Quite surprised at how good the film was considering how many times this story has been told. Two horns up!

    Yes it was a good thriller. But I always wonder how he got such superhuman strength

    Maybe they're saving that for the sequel....The Super Invisible Man. :)
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  • Invisibility would be a cool superpower, but having to go naked all the time would make it a major ball-ache.
    And how come you can't see his food when he eats something?
    That really would be gross. 🤮
  • 168sean168
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    Mortal Kombat (2021). The film was entertaining but not as good as I thought.
    Thee bloody fatalities were good but the fighting was mixed. Most of the time, they were not as good as the long Kung **** fighting of Mortal Kombat 1995. CGI effects were good. The soundtrack was a letdown in most scenes. Not as awesome as the 1995 one. Most of the actings were not very good, especially for the lead young actor, playing an invented new character for the film.

    I was surprised to see Jimmy Olsen of Supergirl here. No wonder he left that series as he has bigger moments in films.

    A trivia, Chin Han, who plays the ultimate villain is a Singaporean. He is perhaps the only successful actor that got into Hollywood from here.

    Overall I feel that the film was very restrained, as if saving the crescendo for future film. There was a feeling of unfulfillment in the end, unlike the 1995 show, which hyped me up.
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