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    Kung **** League (2018). This HK Chinese film is an action fantasy comedy. I find it an above average watch but to appreciate it, need to be familiar with iconic Chinese Kung **** characters like Wong Fei Hong, Huo Yuan Jia, Chen Zhen and IP Man. Being familiar with the film, Kung **** Hustle is good too. While established actors played these characters as shown in the poster, some fresh actors actually took up a lot of screentimes. So the poster was misleading. The comedy is quite slapstick style. Overall it was a silly comedy but rather entertaining
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    A Quiet Place 2 (2021). A more conventional monster film compared to the first one. I feel it is more watchable. A good watch
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    Gaia (2021). Sort of a horror film with trippy disturbing visuals. A bit of Annihilation vibes. A good watch
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    The Tomorrow War (2021) Almost feel like it could be a good watch but became quite conventional. Unexciting CGI rich actions. Just when you thought the film would end, it just kept going. It could have been better as a three episodes series. Overall, teetering between average to above average watch.
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    Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016)

    This is more of a drama rather than a war film discussing on issues about being a soldier. It has flashbacks of some fightings as we got to see what happened.

    The film was very colourful. And the halftime performance was quite a display in sound and visuals. They supposedly used very high resolution shooting for this film, which in my opinion is really unnecessary for a drama film.

    A philosophical moment under the tree discussing about Karma and attachments.

    Cheerleaders are drawn to heroes.

    Quite many actors took part in this film. The fresh face guy is dating Taylor Swift.

    Overall it was an above average watch for a drama. A film by renowned director Ang Lee.

    Happy 4th of July. I think the poster is apt for the occasion.
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    (2021) The Good, the Bart, and the Loki
    Loki joins forces with Bart Simpson to fight against his toughest opponents in Springfield after he is banished from Asgard yet again.

  • sabdtro4eaol.jpg

    This one surprised me. Thought it would be a disappointment but was actually quite good. I look forward to the next two installments. A good watch.
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    @Rhinomix76 yes I read that it is good. I am waiting for all to be out and one shot watch all.
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    My community hub did a Back to the Future nights again.

    Back to the Future (1985). I have watched this one so many times. I just watched it a few months ago. This is my favourite one out of the trilogy.

    Back to the Future II (1989). I could remember the future street scenes of this one, like the 3D Jaws billboard. Also knowing the real life serious accident of the hoverboards flying into the clock tower building gave me a bit of sad feeling even though it was supposed to be a comedic moment. I realised I have totally forgotten the rest of the plot.

    This film also got a few strange moments out of the blue, like introducing random characters as though we are supposed to know and developing a hate to be called a chicken behaviour that was absent in the first film. The strange characters made a bit of sense in part 3 as they appeared there again but most audience wouldn't notice.

    A young Elijah Wood in the film

    Back to the Future III (1990). I realised I have very little memory of this one. I probably even fell asleep when I watched it on TV back in the days. But it was still a pretty good and a coherent one as compared to part 2.

    I got the DVD box set of this film series. fearfully bought from overseas online long long time ago. I don't like to buy DVDs locally in the past as they are subjected to stringent censorship.

    The movie programmes at my community hub for that week
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    Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008). Probably watched this three times. Still a fairly good watch. Better than the 2019 reboot.
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    Hidden Figures (2016) Good acting from all the actors involved. Story is good too, making my eyes wet. And maybe could strike a chord for those who major in fields of Mathematics, Physics and Computer sciences.

    Kirsten Dunst, no longer the young and bubbly girlfriend of Peter Parker.
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    Ghost (1990). I actually have never watched this film before except knowing about the disturbing clay making scene and the super popular Unchained Melody song. This is a good watch especially with the presence of Whoopi Goldberg.

    DBJE7QC.jpg. A young and pretty Demi Moore

    3SMt1sy.jpgA hilarious Whoopi breaking the fourth wall.
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    Anabelle : Creation (2017)
    Anabelle Comes Home (2019)

    Both films were very different. The creation is actually a prequel to the first Anabelle and cleverly links back to it. Though the first film is not very good. Yes @Rhinomix76 these two sequels are both pretty good.
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    Black Widow (2021) An above average watch for me. Some funny and some touching moments.
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    Even better than Part one in my opinion. A nice throwback vibe to old slasher films like Friday the 13th while expanding the overall story. A good watch!
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    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). One of the most horrifying and queasy film in the series with children slavery, human sacrifice and heart pulling out moments. But really love it. I believe Asia Indians would be very unhappy with this one for portraying them eating all kinds of weird stuffs.

    I was crazy with its soundtrack too and used to have a cassette tape of it. So familiar with the music in it that I could whistle Anything Goes. The human sacrifice scene has one of the most heart stopping soundtrack.

    I watched the making of during that period and was amazed at the special effects that they could pull off.

    One of the biggest trivial for Singapore was that the actor on the extreme left is actually a Singaporean. No one knows about him until an interview during the last decade. But it was still a very low profile matter and most wouldn't know it even now. He might be the first Singaporean in modern times to be in a major blockbuster.

    The man in the middle was a prolific HK actor that had passed away.

    He runs a Wing Chun martial art school and his students had commented before that he was very unassuming and never mentioned before that he was in the film.

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). Still a very good film.

    A man was enjoying the film as if he was at home.

    Indiana Jones and the and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
    I was very troubled when this film came out as I always thought that Indiana Jones was immortalised and shouldn't grow old. I finally got the answer now after I chanced upon an article posted in 2020. The reason was explained in the novelisation. You could search for it yourself.

    I think this was maybe the 2.5 times I watched this film. My least favourite film. I think it was because of too much CGI and it removed the real suspense in the actions. And Jones was so old that watching him flirting with his lady was no longer that fun.

    Watched the front part that I missed on a smaller screen. An epic look cool moment.

    The bigger screen of the hub.


    So I rewatched these films again as my hub screened them again. This was the film schedule. One of the cons of watching these films there was the low volume of the screening. It was adjusted after residents of the neighborhood complained about the noise coming from it.
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  • @168sean168 ...Temple of Doom has always been my favorite Indiana Jones movie. Agree on your views of the other two :)
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    Ocean 13 (2007) . I have always wanted to rewatch the Ocean series of films. But my hub screened this so I went direct to it. I have not watched this one before but I did watch the other two. It was nice to see the involvement of so many actors. But I always fell asleep watching these films and it happened again in this one.

    I think it was because there was too much dialogues and I didn't know what they were talking about in some parts as they tended to mumble their lines.

    And no English subtitles were provided and generally I didn't know the plot that well.

    Generally probably above average watch. A few persons walked off from the film. I think it is not the kind of films that resonate well here.

    The film schedule for the week.
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    The Mummy (2017). Rewatched this again. I didn't like it the first time. Still didn't really like it the second time. The first act was fairly good though especially the scene in the plane, which I understand was filmed with the plane in actual free fall. Fell asleep in the last act. Overall not a very fun film like the original Mummy. An average to above average watch.
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    Little Deaths (2011). A UK film consisting of three stories, kinda like Tales from the Dark Side. But it is rather disgusting and borderline on profanity. Storyline is quite intriguing though. Not an entertaining watch. Quite low budget but with practical, visceral effects in some parts.
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