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    The third and final entry in the series. A very enjoyable and satisfying conclusion. I think I enjoyed part two the most of the three. But overall a great trilogy and a worthy watch for horror fans.
    Fear my pointy horn!
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    Identity (2003). A murderer on the loose and a who done it mystery. Not a dull moment and very original. A good watch
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    Fearless (2006). Also known as Huo YuanJia, the name of the lead character. It is a film inspired by a real martial artist in China during the Qing dynasty. Lots of good fighting scenes. The plot was also quite entertaining.

    I should have watched it before. The character set up a martial art school which was made famous by the Bruce Lee's film, Fist of Fury. The film also has a very awesome theme song in the end credit that gave a totally different vibe. It was like a rap song, by the very famous Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, the lead actor of Green Hornet. Overall a good watch.
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    Warriors S2 (2020). 10 episodes. A series based on the writings of Bruce Lee. Set in the old San Francisco town. Conflicts among the tongs, with the police, the politicians, overall a colourful plotline.

    In every episode there would definitely be some violent, brutal fighting scenes. At times we get to see skins too.

    Beautiful depiction of the old town and also attention to details of the sets.

    The villain from Mortal Kombat is in it. Can you spot him? He also acted in The Raid. He is an Indonesian.

    A character in it was almost playing Bruce Lee himself. His mannerisms and his fighting style. This guy is also in Snake Eyes GI Joe Origins as the white Ninja.

    Another depiction of a tourist attraction in San Francisco. My friend was not happy I planned a visit to a prison. But years later he thanked me for it.

    Overall this is a great series.
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    The Manchurian Candidate (2004). This is such a mind boggling thriller with epic involvement of so many actors. Some established, some up and rising.

    We have actors like the Conjuring lady, Westworld guy, the Falcon, Angelina Jolie's father, the Scream guy and the Twin Peaks guy. Just some of the faces that I could recognize and many more.

    Overall is a very good watch although the ending could have been clearer. A little bit hard to understand at first.
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    Kingdom Ashin of the North (2021) This is a spin off special feature of the Kingdom zombie series. It tells the origin story of Ashin who should be featured in Season 3.

    Half of the film sets up the backstory, inspired by some actual historical turmoil in the region. It is rather intricate and you could get lost in translation if you don't pay attention. In fact I need to rewind to understand it.

    But overall it is a good zombie film with a good storyline. Looking forward to S3.
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    Suspira (1977) An artistically made horror film. With eclectic set, colourful lightings, a noisy soundtrack, odd characters. The psychodelic stimulation caused me to keep nodding off. There was one bold and shocking scene. There isn't much of a storyline though. Don't really like it.
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    Insomnia (2002) A murder crime investigation thriller. Good actings and nice scenery of Alaska area. This is Christopher Nolan first studio film. I could understand the plot well. A good watch.
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    Blood Red Sky (2021). A vampire on the plane thriller. At first quite promising but became quite a mixed bag as it unfolded. Overall a slightly above average watch.
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    Jolt (2021). Interesting premise at first but it tried too hard to be funky and characters came across as rather superficial. An average action thriller film
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    Traitor (2008). An engaging storyline. A good watch.
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    Defiance (2008) A small WW2 resistance and survival film supported by a good cast. Based on a true story. A good watch.
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    F9 (2021) Full of over the top, fake action sequences. Never really get connected with these films but would still watch it for its actions. Also fell asleep multiple times in its long action sequences. Always happened to me.
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    Loki (2021). After a very good episode 1, episode 2 was actually very boring that I did not continue for a while. But episode 3 onwards were good. A six episodes series and overall a good one.
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    Safe House (2012). I feel like I could have watched it before but can't remember. Anyway fairly watchble but marred by bad action sequences due to fast editing and shaky cam. Above average watch
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    Air (2015). It seemed to be interesting in the first act but then descended into total boredom. This is easily worse than the most boring episode of TWD. It might be better as a 1 hr Sci Fi story instead of 1.5 hrs. I watched it due to Daryl and he was really like Daryl in it. Also it is interesting that he sounded young in this character while he adopts a hoarse voice in TWD.
    This is the most boring film I saw so far in 2021
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    Jungle Cruise (2021) The film tried to recreate the magic of films like The Mummy and Indiana Jones but I couldn't feel the connection. Elaborate production, lots of CGI and action, but it was not exciting. It was supposed to be family friendly as a Disney production but it incorporated education in wokeness in the plot. Overall it was somewhere between average to above average
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    The Power (2021). Quite an engaging horror drama set in an hospital in old UK. Above average watch
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    A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014) A neo noir crime thriller. Engaging plot. A good watch.

    Isn't this the same location where the Joker danced?

    Film was set in 1999. Can you see from the skyline ?

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    Blood Father (2016). Good acting from Mel Gibson. Engaging storyline that was pretty funny at times. When action took place it was brutal. A good watch.
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