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  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Malignant (2021). This is a James Wan film. At first it was like an above average watch but it got to a point where I changed it to a good watch. There were also many funny moments and I found myself giggling. George Young played a detective in it. This Eurasian Chinese actor was always in Singapore productions that I thought he is a Singaporean. Turned out he is from UK. It was interesting to see him and this might be his first big film.

    Agreed Sean. I thought the first half of the film was quite standard but the last half was crazy and quite good.
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  • oot46cf0ys05.jpg

    It's not going to win any awards for originality but it was a fun movie with good fight scenes and a plot that moves along quickly. A decent watch
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  • LAktmFP.png

    Good recommendation @Rhinomix76 Fairly predictable but good actions.
  • 0acA5yw.jpg

    Old (2021). A nice tale. Good watch for me.
  • yZGvL0E.jpg

    Candyman (2021). This is like a sequel to the first candyman. I feel it is not as scary and disturbing as the original film. And I also miss the iconic soundtrack of Philip Glass. The story is interesting though and has been expanded as a social commentary. An above average watch.
  • kw1l69t4qiwq.jpg

    The new film by Clint Eastwood. Sadly, it wasn't very good. Quite boring and predictable with poor acting at times. I usually enjoy his films but this one was a miss for me.
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  • @Rhinomix76 the quote in the poster seems to indicate a story of a man with dementia :confused:
  • 168sean168 wrote: »
    @Rhinomix76 the quote in the poster seems to indicate a story of a man with dementia :confused:

    @168sean168 ...no that's not the story but I can see why you'd think that. It's a bonding story between Clint's character and a kid he's charged with bringing home.
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  • 3ebjwOb.jpg

    Squid Game (2021) 9 episodes Korean thriller. A good watch, likely could trigger a binge
  • kinLsGG.jpg
    Thor Ragnarok (2017)

    Rewatching this again. This time at my community hub. Maybe third time watching it. A good watch

    There was a scene involving this guy shooting away on two M16s. One of the rifles has its dust cover closed. This is not possible if the rifle was shooting. The other rifle has its bolt carrier at the back. This means that all bullets were used up. But he was still shooting away. I wonder why the lack of attention to this. Could it be a deliberate portrayal to show that the rifles are props and that they do not support gun violence ? Hmm... I am quite familiar with this rifle as I had been reluctantly using it my whole adult life due to my national service and my reserve training. I am glad I don't have to touch it anymore.
  • 168sean168
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    Iris (2009). This was one of the most expensive Korean drama and also very successful. It was a spy agency thriller drama with the kind of plot from 24. But it has added romance, comedy and tragedy. It has Lee Byung-hun in the lead role. This actor is one of the hottest Korean actor and has appeared in many films. So it was rare for him to appear in a TV drama. The film has scenes from Hungary, Japan, China and Korea itself. Too bad some of the action scenes were too shaky, made popular by the Bourne films from that era.

    This is a 20 episodes drama and likely would trigger a binge watch after a few episodes.

    RcuubnV.jpgThe pretty actresses in the drama and the white ninja from GI Joe.

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  • 2gRZ3gc.jpg
    Free Guy (2021). A really fun entertaining watch!

    Bus stop ad here.

  • sMAgOK5.jpg

    Werewolves Within (2021). A horror comedy but I don't find it funny nor scary. It was a low budget film and an average watch for me.
  • 1wujHmq.jpg

    As the Gods Will (2014). This is a Japanese thriller fantasy in the killing games genre. It was brought to my attention after discussions on the Korean's Squid Game drama. The director has made other disturbing films like Iichi the Killer. This film is good for the outrageous killing scenes but as a whole it was an above average watch as the plot kind of thinned out towards the end.
  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Squid Game (2021) 9 episodes Korean thriller. A good watch, likely could trigger a binge

    Good recommendation @168sean168 ...I really enjoyed this. Quite original
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  • @Rhinomix76

    Cute clip.
  • bjj2jmrnpoki.jpg

    Fun little kids horror film on Netflix. A good watch to start the Halloween season.
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  • y7tjuql60cap.jpg

    A prequel movie to the popular tv show The Sopranos. While I enjoyed the film as a whole, it seemed kind of pointless as there wasn't much of a plot to drive the story forward. But it is a fun bit of nostalgia for fans of the show and has some fine performances by the cast.
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  • 40dddz5rl564.jpeg

    Excellent new Netflix series by the always reliable Mike Flanigan. A great watch!
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  • @Rhinomix76 is the Sopranos highly recommended?
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