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    Finch (2021) Cute interactions between Tom Hanks and the robot. Engaging at first but overall, an unexciting drama. Can watch for the good acting of Tom Hanks and in fact, the robot
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    Cargo (2017). A survivor from zombie drama. Engaging for a while but overall an unexciting drama. Based on a short flim clip. I am most impressed with the zombie survivor care pack depicted though
  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Red Notice (2021). Action comedy drama with a somewhat silly plot. Entertaining though

    Agreed Sean. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it. Ryan Reynolds was really funny in it. But yes parts of it were ludicrous and over the top. Still a fun watch.
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    Watched the new season of this crazy docuseries. Not as entertaining as the first season but kind of interesting. Mainly just updates on everyone and new looks and further analysis of stuff covered in the first season. A decent watch.
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    Sweet Girl (2021). An old school action thriller of the common man, David Vs the Goliath elite story. Quite entertaining but I feel their attempt to bring in something unique actually weakened the film.
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    Hope(2013). A Korean film based on true events. It dramatised the tribulations of a girl and the people around her after a traumatic assault case. The plot made your eyes wet multiple times but it was not an entirely sad drama. It also contained inspirational moments, comedy and hope. This is a critically acclaimed film and even won best picture in Korea, beating Snowpiercer. A good watch.
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    New Will Smith film based on the father of Venus and Serena Williams about him raising and training them to be champions. Very inspiring story that's engaging and well acted. A good watch.
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  • 168sean168
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    Hellbound (2021) A six episodes Korean drama. It was actually more focused on the human drama rather than monsters actions. People who watched it for action rush would be disappointed as many scenes were rather slow. And the plot developed in a way that didn't reward you with what you wanted to know. Overall it was an above average watch. I kinda prefer Sweet Home, a monsters drama.
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    Last Night in Soho(2021). A nice drama with many nice 60s songs. Almost like a musical and yet, it was also of other genres. A good watch.
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    Predestination (2014). A good time travel paradoxical film.
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    Venom: Let there be Carnage (2021). It was alright but felt bland. I didn't even laugh once. It was almost like a cartoon with tiresome squabbles in the bromance between venom and the guy. I like the first film better.
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    New film by Peter Jackson looking at the making of the The Beatles final album. Fascinating look at master songwriters arranging and working out future classics basically from scratch. It is rather long, over 7 hours, and by the end I was a bit tired of hearing some of the songs but I still didn't want it to end. A good watch!...and bonus points for you if know what the heck John is talking about most of the time :)
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  • I really like The Beatles @Rhinomix76 too . I watched it's cartoon in my childhood. There is this English fantasy film Yesterday with many Beatles songs in it. Nice watch
  • 168sean168 wrote: »
    I really like The Beatles @Rhinomix76 too . I watched it's cartoon in my childhood. There is this English fantasy film Yesterday with many Beatles songs in it. Nice watch

    Yes Sean I have heard of that film but haven't seen it yet, though I want to
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    The Last Duel (2021). This is a long film at 2.5 hours but due to the good acting and the meticulous sets, it was not boring. There were some battle scenes and of course the last duel. The bulk of it was an investigative tale of a real event told from different perspectives on what led to the last duel. And I cannot remember when I last saw Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in the same film. It might be Good Will Hunting. Overall it is a good watch
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    Copshop (2021). An old school action thriller. The cops were rather inept in it, probably for comedic effect. Overall it was a decent watch
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    Caveat (2021). This is a horror mystery film. Story a bit undeveloped but the atmospheric horror and tension were generally good. Though a fair bit of time was quite dark to see clearly and also a little boring for me.
    Above average watch.
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    New crime drama on Netflix. It's weird seeing Kevin Hart play a non comedy role(though he plays a comedian) but he does a good job with it. I enjoyed this show. It wasn't overly long and had a suspenseful, compelling story. A good watch.
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    This Italian horror film starts promising, like a creepy mix of Midsommar and Wrong Turn, but goes downhill when the reveals start happening. A bit disappointing but different for sure. A average watch.
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  • 168sean168
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    A Tomb in the River (2021) A Korean crime noir film about the gangsters in a quiet province setting up a holiday resort and the subsequent power struggle that came with it. Half of the film was almost spent developing the drama and also many dialogue were romanticised, explaining their motivations. In almost every scene, someone would be smoking. When actions finally happened, they were highly violent with copious stabbing scenes. Other then the two leads, the supporting cast lacks the charms and at times I could not distinguish one face from another. Overall it was an above average watch. Worth a watch if you like violent gangster films.
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