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    Not a great movie by any means but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did like the character and his backstory but I think the main problem with the film is the villain and it's motivations. I wasn't buying them. So overall an average watch.
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    Emergency Declaration (2022) A Korean air disaster thriller drama film. The tension was pretty good for first half. The cabin chaos was actually very well shot, something which I have never seen before. It also has the two big Korean actors in it, Lee Byun hyun and Song Kang ho. Overall I rate it as an above average watch. Watching the Airport disaster film series was a big thing back in the days. Our public broadcasting station liked to screen it during special holidays. It has been a while since I last saw an air disaster film from US.
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    Cobra Kai Season 5 (2022) 10 episodes. One of my favourite series. Another good entertaining watch
  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Moonfall (2022). There isn't a major disaster film in a while so I am glad this came out. Not the best disaster film but what stood out was it's crazy premise.
    This Halle Berry looked so different from what I imagined her to be. I think she might have gone under the knife.

    Overall an entertaining watch.

    Agreed...I thought it was fun but a little too long. The premise is bonkers of course but I like the sci fi element added on to what could of been just another disaster picture.
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    What film was showing at my community hub on a Friday night ?
  • Ford vs. Ferrari?

    Looks so animated. Thought it was live action.
  • 168sean168
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    Ford vs. Ferrari?

    Looks so animated. Thought it was live action.

    Yes correct! Ford v Ferrari. After I looked at the screenshot I thought it was a cartoon too. But during its live actions, I can't really tell


    My hub is showing a series of racing related film as this weekend is Singapore F1 night race
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    Halo (2022) 9 episodes. I didn't play this game. Though I have the game for my first and only Xbox console. My nephew and niece played.

    So as an independent viewer not influenced by the game, I find this sci fi drama pretty good. Nice costume and production. And a few action scenes were very nicely done. It took me a while to get use to the lead though. I find he doesnt have the X factor look to play a lead. One of the characters was quite annoying though
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    Breaking (2022). This is supposed to be a thriller drama but the thrills were quite minimal. A lot of drama and John Boyega acted really well. The film for me is significant for bringing awareness to a true incident. But it was average for entertainment.
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    A new family friendly(though my daughter thought it was scary lol) prequel film to the old 1960's series. Visually it looks great and the cast did a good job. But the story was lacking in my opinion and I was bored at times as the humor wasn't up to par. But overall not a bad watch
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    The Infernal Machine (2022). I thought this was like The Terminator but it was not. It was more like a psychological thriller drama. It was interesting at first but it started to get boring and yet it was compelling enough to make you finish the film as you want to find out what happened. Some parts of the plot were not clear. If you are into books and writings, maybe the film might interest you. But for me it was a below average watch.
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    Bullet Train (2022). Quite a fun ride but I feel that it was quite a forgettable film. Also the CGI was too obvious. I prefer the other train thriller film with Liam Neeson.
    An above average watch
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    Lou (2022). The film gave me a Taken film vibes at first but it didn't sustain that we'll. The plot was also quite uniquely ridiculous. Overall it was slightly above average watch for me
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    Tales of the Walking Dead (2022) six episodes of one hour each. Independent stories. They are all fairly watchable especially when you do not know what to watch on TV. I think a better watch than Fear the Walking Dead. One particular episode is like an origin story to a character in The Walking Dead although there was some discrepancies. An above average watch
  • 168sean168
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    Undone Season 2 (2022). Eight episodes of 25 mins each. When I last watched the last season, I wasn't aware of the actor of Saul Goodman as I have not watched Breaking Bad nor Better Call Saul. Now I appreciate his presence in this drama. A good drama with soap opera plotlines but with time travels and alternate timelines themes.

    It looks like animation but the actors were indeed acting in it.
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    A very original, spooky mystery ghost story to start Spooktober. A good watch.
    Fear my pointy horn!
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    Umbrella academy Season 3 (2022). 10 episodes. Another nice chaotic season. After watching two episodes i need to look for a recap to refresh my memory. Quite difficult to watch the scenes of a former actress I used to love though.
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    Continuing the spooky month theme comes this latest MCU offering about monsters and monster hunters. I think this is the best MCU offering so far this year. Very fun and original riff on the old Universal monster movies. A good watch.
    Fear my pointy horn!
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    Fun little movie that takes a bunch of familiar horror movie elements and combines them into something new and enjoyable. A good watch
    Fear my pointy horn!
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    She Hulk Attorney at Law (2022) 9 episodes. My feelings were mixed. Certain episodes were good, some were quite bad. It ran like a comedy sitcom with seemingly little central plot. How come the She Hulk looks better than the human?

    Overall it was still above average watch for me.
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