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  • No time to die. :)
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  • You got it! @Rhinomix76 ! The car in the sea shot was taken off the song
  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Samaritan (2022) A very family friendly film. It felt as if it was made for children. An average watch

    I was surprised I liked this as much as I did. A familiar plot but felt different somehow. A good watch for me.
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    Another great one time special on Disney Plus(after Werewolf By Night). This new GOTG entry finds the team trying to cheer Peter up for Christmas. Really well done and hilarious. A good watch.
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  • 168sean168
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    The Walking Dead Season 11 (2021- 2022) 24 Episodes, split into three parts. I actually controlled myself and didn't watch part 2 until part 3 were released. This was marketed as the final season. It was a great season and I really enjoyed it. Things moved really fast. Overall it was a great series. The best part for me for me was the Negan's arc. Later seasons I didn't really like some of the characters introduced as part of the diversity movement. I do hope that they could do one series on the origins of the virus and also indeed truly do a final season on the aftermath and not just spin offs.
  • vxwgzf1.jpg

    Warriors of Future (2022). I have been anticipating this long delayed HK SciFi film and yet I did temper my expectations in case I am disappointed with it. In the end, it was what I had expected. This was a significant film as it was like the first modern blockbuster sci fi film coming out of HK. It has veteran HK actors like Louis Koo, Sean Lau, Nick Cheung and Carina Lau.

    The effects looked decent for its budget. Action sequences reminded me of films like Edge of Tomorrow, Transformers, Ghost in the Shell. There was nothing new or unique about the plot It has no emotional effects on me. The action sequences were also too shaky. I fell asleep whenever actions were too shaky and had to rewatch part of it. Overall I rate it as an above average watch for its good effort in visuals.
  • Anyone recommend any new Christmas films?
  • A Christmas Story Christmas was enjoyable I thought
    Fear my pointy horn!
  • Rhinomix76 wrote: »
    A Christmas Story Christmas was enjoyable I thought

    I'll give that a watch. Thanks 👍🏻
  • wj5t2uh2xr75.jpg

    Super creepy new horror film with a similiar plot to the great It Follows. This was a good watch though I thought it could of been better with a tighter script.
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  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Bullet Train (2022). Quite a fun ride but I feel that it was quite a forgettable film. Also the CGI was too obvious. I prefer the other train thriller film with Liam Neeson.
    An above average watch

    Agreed....not the greatest action film but fun and enjoyable.
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  • 6zdxdpbplgbz.jpg

    **** did I just watch? It was in my opinion a good film. It is a different kind of film portraying Santa that's for sure.
  • 1qudyequ2qew.png

    Fun and enjoyable new series based on the old tv/film franchise. A good watch!
    Fear my pointy horn!
  • ZWZsWgq.jpg

    Hansan: Rising Dragon (2022). This is the second film of a planned three historical films from South Korea. It depicted the naval battle between Japan and Korea. A good watch for its epic naval battle scene.
  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Black Adam(2022). A good watch with major action sequences, though as usual, I felt that DC has no patience and did not develop its characters properly before bringing them together in one big showdown. And I don't really like Dwayne Johnson portraying this character as I have gotten used to him as a comedic character.

    I thought it was a decent watch with good action yes but I feel I've gotten bored with this type of superhero film. They are feeling interchangeable and more of the same old, same old thing. The genre needs a change up or refresh of some kind.
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  • eajvhw32yfv4.jpg

    Excellent, strange new film about a lifelong friendship gone awry on a small Irish island. Great performances and unique storyline. A good watch.
    Fear my pointy horn!
  • 168sean168 wrote: »

    Knives Out (2019). A very good watch

    Finally watched this. I enjoyed it too. Look forward to the sequel coming out today I think.
    Fear my pointy horn!
  • Rn1dwWJ.jpg

    Warrior Nun Season 2 (2022) Eight episodes. A good watch with some nice fighting scenes. The lead reminded me of Ellen Page back in the days.
  • FIiAZDd.jpg

    The King of Pigs (2022) 12 episodes Korean drama about bullyings in school and the subsequent repercussions in the adult lives. It can be considered a revenge tale and the story was intriguing enough to make you binge watch it. It was based on a award winning adult animation film from 2011. A good watch
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