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    Drama/horror series about a woman's investigation into a satanic cult. While the writing and acting is kind of bad most of the time, I still found myself interested in where the story was heading and felt the ending was very satisfying. A good watch.
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    The Avenging Fist (2001). A martial art HK thriller set in the future that looked like The Fifth Element but only 10 percent as good as the latter, given the string budget of HK films. A lot of CGI in the film that didn't look good but probably was acceptable back then. The film originally intended to be a Tekken live action but in the end just tried it's best to look like it. Many actors involved but most of the time were given to the newer idolised actors. Overall it was slightly above average watch.
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    The Peripheral (2022). Eight episodes. From the producers of Westworld. It was not confusing at first and the characters spoke in normal human languages unlike Westworld. But towards the end it got rather confusing and I realized that I completed the show without knowing the names of some of the characters. I hope they don't cancel the series. Overall, a good watch and it has one of my favourite actresses too.
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    The Last of Us Season 1 (2023) Six episodes. A good watch except for one episode which was really shocking and unnecessary.

    Edited 27 Feb 2023. I made a mistake. It is not over yet. Nine episodes
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    Unlocked (2023) A Korean suspense thriller that is relevant and familiar in the current state of smartphone usage. The ride started after a lady lost her handphone. A good watch
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    Knock at the Cabin (2023) A gripping tale. Good watch for me
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    Locke & Key season 3 (2022) Eight episodes. This is also the final season with a proper ending. I actually have higher expectations for the season. But still a good watch for me.
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    Bargaining aka The Point Men (2023) A Korean thriller inspired by real incident of Koreans abducted in Afghanistan. Good acting and production but very minimal actions. An above average watch
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    We Have a Ghost (2023). A family friendly comedy drama, a few funny moments but storyline wasn't really that good in the end. But still an enjoyable watch.
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    Taxi Driver Season 1 (2021). A 16 episodes Korean thriller about a group of staff from a taxi company taking down criminals that the justice system has failed. Sometimes almost like a superhero show with vibes of Batman and Daredevil. I would say it is a good watch.
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    Nocebo (2022) An Ireland Philippines production, a horror thriller. It was alright, not very scary. Good actings from all involved. Slightly above average watch
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    Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023). I thought it was going to be a good watch due to the heinous nature of the crimes but overall it was an above average watch for it after the story unfolded.
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    Switch (2023) A successful Korean movie star has a magical switch on Xmas Eve to experience an alternate life. Not so funny but quite a wholesome plot. Overall slightly above average watch.
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    New spy thriller series on Netflix. Fun series with a fast moving plot and good action scenes and twists. A good watch
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    The Glory (2022). A 16 episodes Korean drama, released as a two parter. The queen of Korea's entertainment, Song Hye Kyo played the lead role. This was a thriller drama about an elaborate revenge after a traumatic bullying during school days. This was a groundbreaking role for Song who often plays a sweet character, unlike this serious revenge seeking character of this drama. The bullies were hideous, especially the leader, a very scary woman. I felt that Song Hye Kyo was a bit too old for this role. She was clearly much older than the rest of the casts. Nevertheless this was a good watch.
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    SLR (2022). A Thai horror film, started looking good, but descent into chaos and bad CGI towards the end. Overall also too long winded. An average watch.
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    Carnival Row Season 2 (2023) 10 episodes. I especially like the Victorian production, looked expensive. CGI was decent too. Plot was quite highly political instead of merely a murder mystery but at the end of it, it was a good watch for me. The storyline was tied up nicely too.
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    The Night Owl (2022) A Korean thriller film with a fictitious storyline inspired by actual events. It told the story of how a blind physician who specialised in acupuncture got involved with a court conspiracy. He could see a little at night, hence the title of the film. A good watch.
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    Die Hart (2023). A silly entertaining comedy.
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    The Night Agent (2023) 10 episodes. Highly watchable and suspenseful. Production value was sitcom level though. But it was better watch than Jack Ryan for me. The scary Asian actress from The Menu has the best acting in my opinion.

    A good watch for me too @Rhinomix76
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