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    Alienoid (2022) An ambitious Korean sci fi thriller with the premise that Aliens have been using humans to house prisoners in their brains. The plot was rather hard to follow as it jumped around in timeline between modern and period. The production was quite good though with a lot of actions. Overall it was slightly above average watch for me. And they were getting ready to release the sequel soon.
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    The White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell (2023) A HK crime thriller about drugs trafficking. Once again this was a thematic sequel with an independent story. I liked the portrayal of the golden triangle. Overall it was a good watch.
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    Jack Ryan Season 4 (2023) six episodes. It was not very entertaining trying to understand the plot but it got better towards the end with some simple straightforward action scenes. One of the better seasons I felt. Overall an above average watch. Not missing this series. I very much prefer Jack Reacher
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    New miniseries about the opiod crisis and it's beginnings. Interesting but also sad. A good watch.
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    Not the best film revolving around exorcisms but still fun and entertaining. Good to see Russell Crowe. Seems like he hasn't been around as much as he used to be. A good watch.
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    I watched the trailer for this and thought it looked terrible. But I gave it a shot and was glad I did. Very entertaining animated series with great storytelling. A lot of fun, good watch.
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    Hidden Strike (2023) A Chinese English action thriller with little chemistry between Jackie and John. The whole film was rather dull but it did have a lot of actions. Overall it was slightly above average watch.
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    To Catch a Killer (2023) A crime thriller drama. But it was rather stylishly made and almost noirish. It wasn't very thrilling but when crimes occurred it was realistically portrayed. The original title was Misanthrope. I think the original title might be better as it sounded more sophisticated and actually fit the plot better. It was a slightly above average watch
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    Meg 2: The Trench (2023) The film has very diverse acts of actions. The undersea sequence was quite dark and I couldn't see clearly and kept falling asleep. For a shark's film, there wasnt any gore in it. Overall it was still a fun and above average watch.
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    The Flash (2023) A very entertaining show with all the various cameos. Being familiar with The Flash storyline from watching the series helped me to ease into the plot of this film. It got pretty messy in the end though, just like the crossover episodes of the Flash series. Overall it was an above average watch.

    I thought this was a okay watch. I did enjoy it overall though I have complaints. Once again the runtime is way too long(over two and a half hours) for this type of movie. Also I think a little bit of Ezra Miller goes a long way. I thought he was one of the bright spots of the Justice League movie in a supporting role but don't think he can carry a full feature like this. I did like the ending as the emotion was well earned and it wrapped the crazy story up well.
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    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) Yes @Rhinomix76 the opening act was the best part of the film. After which the bulk of the film was rather dull for me. The female lead character was annoying and unlikable, so was the short round equivalent boy. Towards the end it started to get pretty good again but was too short and dissatisfactoy.

    Overall it was too long at almost 2.5 hrs and it was an above average watch.
  • Gaurdians of the galaxy 3
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    Taxi Driver 2 (2023) 16 episodes. A Korean thriller drama about a group of people from a taxi company carrying out vigilante missions. The cases they featured were said to be inspired by actual incidents. Generally a storyline ran over two episodes, with an overarching case running throughout the series towards its grand finale. It was good entertainment but you would have to switch off the logical mind because these people were simply too good at what they were doing.
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    Hijack (2023) 7 episodes. An English thriller with a highly suspenseful plot and twists and turns. I guessed the drawback was how they tried not to depict violence. One scene that we were built up to didnt give us what we wanted. Overall it was still a good series.
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    Barbie (2023)

    I liked this film for its singing, dancing and colourful sets. And for Margot Robbie. But the plot was actually not so easy to understand with a lot of focus on political and social sciences. In fact I dont even understand the ending. The film also caused me to be depressed. It was an above average watch
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    The King of Musang King (2023) This was a Singapore Malaysia film directed by Jack Neo, possibly the only Singapore director known for making movies for the local masses. His films decades ago included I Not Stupid, and Money Not Enough, were hugely successful. The former dealt with issues of raising children and expecting them to do well in schools. The latter dealt with issues of making a living and taking care of elderly.

    In this film, the subject matter was about the trading of Durians and the drama that ensued including conflicts in family and the thought processes of the previous and current generation.

    It was set mostly in Malaysia and partly in Singapore. Language was mainly localized chinese, with some English, Malay and dialects like Hokkien and Cantonese.

    In Singapore we couldn't watch local films in its originality on our public broadcasting TV. Because there was a law forbidding the usage of dialects in media, so as to promote the proper usage of English and Mandarin.

    I found that it was a return to form by this director. His past few films didnt do well. In fact as of May 2023, this film was the highest grossing Asian film here.

    The film even made my eyes wet in a scene with a chinese sad song about Keeping the Sadness to Myself. I think the song was responsible.

    Overall I rated this film as a good watch but I think it is mainly for audiences in Malaysia and Singapore.

    By the way I have not eaten durian in a few years. Because I considered it a luxurious eat
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    Animated horror series based on the video game series......I loved the games back in the days and thought this was an excellent adaption. Great storyline and character progression. Very violent and visceral though. A good watch.
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    Strays(2023) An adult comedy that helped me to understand dogs better. It was nowhere near the raunchiness of Sausage Party though. Overall it was a good watch for me
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    Heart of Stone (2023) It looked to me that they were building up a franchise like a female version of James Bond but actions were quite unexciting and used too much CGI. Plot wise was quite campy and unrealistic. Overall, it was still an above average watch mindless watch
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