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Last Film you watched / Up Coming Movies


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    Influencer (2022) It was very boring for a long while but you could treat it like a travelogue of Thailand. But the plot that followed was pretty good and made it an above average watch.
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    Mask Girl (2023) 7 episodes. This Korean thriller drama went in all directions but in a good way with twists and turns that made you glued to it. It was a very good watch
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    Retribution (2023) I felt as if I had watched this film before and realised later that I watched a Korean film, Hard Hit, of a similar plotline in 2021. This was a suspenseful watch due to the nature of the plot. It was a remake of a Spanish film, just like the Korean film. Liam acted especially well in scenes as an exasperated father with his teenage children. Overall it was an above average watch.
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    D.P. 2 (2023) 6 episodes. This South Korean thriller drama about the pursuit of deserters from National Service continued right after the events of season 1. At times some faces that appeared I could not remember who they were. It would be best to know the story of season 1 before embarking on season 2. It was an above average watch.
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    Blue Beetle (2023) The production value of this film was like made for TV but still pretty good. There were vibes of Cobra Kai, Iron Man, Spiderman. I felt that there were a bit too many heart to heart chatting scenes and thus slowing the film and making the film so long at 2 hrs. This film was entertaining overall and almost a good watch.
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    FUBAR (2023) 8 episodes. I watched this a while back and totally forgot about it. I remember it was quite entertaining
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    A Million Miles Away (2023) The vibes of this film was like a soap opera and I only finally finished it on my 4th viewing. It was supposed to be inspiring but it was stressful when it kept reminding me the key ingredients to success.

    It was delightful to see actress Rosa though, as I only started to know her in Alita Battle Angel and the drama series Come Undone. Both of which I didnt get to see her in the flesh.

    It was an average watch for me.
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    No One Will Save You (2023) It was good for a while with quite a few effective scary moments and even comedic ones. But soon the relentless assault started to wear me down and boredom started to set in. The ending was also kinda cryptic and needed a bit of googling to understand.

    Overall it was an above average watch
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    Moving (2023) A 20 episodes South Korean thriller about humans with superpowers.

    There were storylines involving high school students and also the adults

    All the stories are very colourful and interesting. It could make you laugh and cry.

    A young lead actress, Go Yoon Jung. I think she might become the next top actress in Korea, following Han So Hee.

    An advertisement in the MRT station, showing Go Yoon Jung.

    This series is really fantastic, more for its stories though it has very good violent action sequences too. It is one of the best dramas I have ever seen in a while.
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    Operation Mincemeat (2021) A British film based on true events to carry out a mission of deception during WW2. Barely any actions, the focus was on how they carried out this operation. A lot of smart dialogues, even the narration sounded like a passage from a book. In fact the film might be targeted at book lovers Ian Fleming was also a character in the film. Overall a slightly above average watch.
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    Song of the Bandits (2023) 9 episodes. A Korean western style drama. It has some vibes of Magnificent 7 and John Wick. Set in the 1900s during Japanese colonisation of Korea. It has very good action sequences and the usual brooding scenes of westerns adventures. I understand that the actors were not happy with Netflix for cutting down the number of episodes from 20. Overall a good watch
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    Reset (2022) 15 episodes. I hardly ever watch a Chinese drama. I think it must have been more than 15 years ago that I watched one on TV. But I was genuinely surprised that this one was pretty good. It was a time loop drama about a bus disaster. Once started I couldn't stop watching.
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    Smugglers (2023) This was a Korean crime drama involving female shellfishes divers. Production was very elaborate with a colourful 70s settings. This was a good watch
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    The Equalizer 3 (2023) I felt that this thriller has the most underwhelming action sequences compared to the previous two. The character looked almost as if getting ready to retire. The setting of Scilly Italy was nice though. Just when you were getting ready for a good final showdown, the show ended. Overall still an above average watch.
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    Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023) I felt that the plot was fairly complicated and scenes transition were not so smooth. But the action sequences were good, making it a good watch.
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    Ballerina (2023) A Korean revenge thriller. I felt that the film focused more on style than substance. There were quite a fair amount of stylish and yet boring scenes. Action sequences were alright though. Overall slightly above average watch.
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    Talk to Me (2022) An Australian horror film . Too much teenagers meaningless banter before the storyline really began. The make up effects were pretty good and the subsequent mayhem was also entertaining. Overall an above average watch.
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    Totally Killer (2023) A very fun and entertaining comedic horror film. It also has frequent wholesome messages in the midst of the chaos. A good watch.
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    Meg 2: The Trench (2023) The film has very diverse acts of actions. The undersea sequence was quite dark and I couldn't see clearly and kept falling asleep. For a shark's film, there wasnt any gore in it. Overall it was still a fun and above average watch.

    I enjoyed this one more than the first movie. It's a little long and the plot and most scenes are ridiculous but it was fun and the last 30 minutes were action packed. A good watch for me.
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    Sound of Freedom (2023) Based on a true story. Plot was dark and ugly. I was impressed that it was even made. Good acting by Jim. At times it could make your eyes wet. A good watch.
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