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Why can’t I buy land parcels?

Why are we not permitted to buy land parcels? I have a lot of buildings in storage waiting to be placed and I’m out of room. I keep trying to buy parcels but I get a message about not having a free land token. There are dozens of parcels available and I have literally hundreds of millions of Simpson’s cash to spend.


  • EA introduced Land Tokens during the Destination Springfield event in 2017.
    The only ways to get land tokens are occasional prizes in events (although none have been available in recent events) , daily challenge prizes and from the Golden Goose Realty building, which was only in the store for a limited time.
    Posted by @frosted1414 on February 28 2019.
    Many players are unhappy that they were unable (for various reasons) to get the Realty building, you can find many threads on the subject in the game discussion section of the forum.

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  • I'm also mad that i can't expand. I didn't get that building that gives you free land token and there hasn't been any recent events that offers them. I wish it would go back to where you can buy the land.
  • I don't even remember seeing the Golden Goose Reality nor knowing that I would need it for land in the future. I have over 100 million dollars and can't do anything with it. I need more land and if I can't continue to build up my city this will eventually make me stop playing.
  • Land package millions of simson dollars and an not use it need to change back to but land
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