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What will you be for Halloween this year?

While we wait and hope for this year's Halloween event, it just occurred to me we could discuss whether we will wear a costume or simply award treats to those who do.

I love Halloween, and this year my friends decided to be "pro" wrestlers from tv. I will be shaving my head, growing in a goatee and coloring it red, to be "Stone Cold Steve Austin". We have a confirmed "Hulk Hogan", and maybes for "Macho Man Randy Savage", "Superfly Snuka", and "The Rock". I hope they all follow through but not everyone is as into it as i am.

What will YOU be, if anything? Will you just distribute candy to neighborhood kids? Or do you not participate in the holiday at all?


  • Wow. Zero replies? No one dressed up for halloween?

    Well, my friends and I were pro wrestlers! It was a fun holiday this year. nq2qiac5s3tx.jpg
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