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  • he gives 777k every day or what?

    if you put him on his 24h job yes

    Do you need the IGC? Given what an active player you are, I assumed you'd maxed out cash long ago!
  • Maybe God will give us land, it seems EA cant or won't.
  • mikey8816 wrote: »
    Got him. No wonder God doesn’t answer prayers. He’s busy in Tapped Out game lol.

    USA/UK Race To Throw Country Into Utter Chaos = TOO CLOSE TO CALL
  • tonykzr wrote: »
    Just wait for winter event and buy him from 30D mystery socks

    You're kidding.

  • I'm still trying to farm enough donuts to get God before time runs out. I'm currently sitting at 701 donuts. Hopefully I'll get there in time.
  • He is a great addition to the game. Since increasing my % I've also been able to get JC also and been slowly getting more & more from the yearbook mystery box.
  • That's why I'm having to farm like crazy, because I spent them all in the yearbook and then this came up. I dont have a very high multiplier so it's a mad rush to get the donuts.
  • You'll do it! I got God first as was limited time. But always the same, something good comes along when you've spent most of your donuts.
  • I thought, the time-limit would end in a few hours, so I bought donuts (it wouldn't have been enough time for farming). I will buy God tomorrow morning. But now the time-limit has changed into more than 21 days. 🤔 If I had known that before I wouldn't have bought donuts... Those who have not yet bought God, watch the time-limit.
  • Groovephil
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    His 24hr task pays me almost £8mil a go. He’ll be payed for in under 2weeks! Who’s got the highest payout from him then?
  • Groovephil wrote: »
    His 24hr task pays me almost £8mil a go. He’ll be payed for in under 2weeks! Who’s got the highest payout from him then?

    Over in this thread there's a few people quoting figures... I currently have bragging rights but I know I'm not the biggest winner by far!
  • Finally got God with what I thought was last few hours only to find that the time had changed and I didnt need that mad grind to farm donuts.
  • seems like the request for his gracious changed ea mind on the date yea. server side
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  • Hey, I asked for thoughts last week about buying God and wanted to update: I did! I just bought him this morning (thought I was down to the wire but then they extended). Using him in the Halloween quests but afterward he'll just do the 24-hour task.

    I appreciated the answers! I also read around a bit and dipped a toe into KEM farming. Even at my casual low level, it was worth it. Previously I would only level every 2-3 days; I didn't think donut farming was viable for low level players; I was wrong lol. I have to say that the XP collider (prior untouched since the original event it was obtained) is kinda crack cocaine though. I only bought a 24 hour charge to see if it would work but I'm probably gonna re-up later today.

  • Anyone have a picture of God?
  • schliematt wrote: »
    Anyone have a picture of God?
    Images of God standing in town and on his 24H task:

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  • Ok thanks, was wondering if he was super huge cause he had the face clouds haha
  • With 1691% I've got 15 millions from God.
  • With 1691% I've got 15 millions from God.

    But.. I thought there was no multiplier?
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