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Trouble Updating Simpson Game

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Anyone else have issues with updating there App. I have not been on for awhile and can not seem to update the game. Any advice would be helpful!


  • Muhsterino
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    edited October 2019
    I haven’t read about any updating problems recently, perhaps you could provide more info. What device do you use? What have you tried to do already? What level are you? Can you access your town? If you can get into your town, what version are you on? You can find the version above the Mayhem ID, see the 2nd spoiler in this thread:
    The THOH update was a store update available on October 23rd.
    Details in the store on my iPad, including the version number:
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  • Peany856
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    I am using a kindle fire and it asks for me to update the app. When I push to update, it just returns me back to it. Will not allow me to update nor open the game. The exact words is.... An update is required. if not visible in the Amazon Marketplace, you may need to clear you store cache. Visit help.ea.com for details. How do I find the cache ??
  • There was a thread a few months ago that suggested that older Kindle devices couldn’t run the game:
    I don’t know anything about Kindles, however I found the following by searching online:
    Tap the button at the bottom of the screen, then select “Settings“. Scroll down and select “Clear all cookie data“, “Clear cache” or “Clear history” as desired. A dialog should appear where you can confirm your selection.
    If you cannot get the game to run, then it may be worth contacting EA.

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