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Initial thoughts on Act 2?



  • johncolombo
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    I was wishing the invisible house was invisible. That would have been unique. With maybe a task that makes it visible.

    I was wishing the Snake robs house task was a visible one, where you see him "inside" the house acting like he's stealing invisible tvs etc. That could have been funny.

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  • Muhsterino wrote: »
    Addicts say only Mr. Burns has a task there.

    Thanks Muhsterino. At least someone goes there but its a shame that they also don't go there. I didn't know if the spoiler tags were necessary since the 2 prizes are already available but I only put them there since some people might not have them already. I'll probably remove it when the new items appear on Wednesday.
  • One Word--BORING, really the only thing they are doing is getting rid of things they have in storage and never used and then hope that the few new people playing will spend their money
  • I'm afraid I have to agree .... BORING, not much of a Halloween event... hopefull for a big Christma...errr..Winter Holiday event !!!
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